Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Men in 2020 Review

Weightlifting is a great way to get in shape. It can help you lose body fat, strengthen your bones, and improve your balance. It can even make you better at cardiovascular exercise, since it improves your endurance.

Once you’ve started weight training, you don’t want to be sidelined by a hand or wrist injury. Pain in one hand is enough to make picking up a heavy weight next to impossible. Fortunately, protecting your hands and wrists is easy with gloves specially made for that purpose.

You can find the best weightlifting gloves for men for you by reading or weightlifting gloves for men reviews.

These are our top 10 choices. Click to see current pricing, pictures and user reviews.

Best Weightlifting Gloves for Men

Premium Weight Lifting Gloves

Our choice for the number one pair of weight lifting gloves is Alpha Impact’s Premium Weight Lifting Gloves with Leather Palm and Adjustable Wrist Support. These gloves offer a variety of features, such as grip and breathability, at a reasonable price.

The material used to make these hand protectors is stretchy neoprene mesh with goat leather at the palms. The neoprene mesh is flexible, allowing a good fit, and it breathes well, which means your sweat evaporates and your hands stay dry and cool. The durable goat leather palms provide excellent grip, and are double stitched for reinforcement. The wide wrist strap is made of elastic, with Velcro for an adjustable fit.

The extended fingers and wide wrist band make this weight lifting accessory especially protective. The goat leather padding at the palms is sufficient for comfort, but not thick enough to hinder hand flexibility or sensation, and is a strong, long lasting material. These can be gently washed by hand and patted dry, which, combined with their breathability, means they won’t get as smelly as others do. If you wish to protect the leather, it can be wiped with a damp microfiber cloth as an alternative to washing.

This item will protect hands and wrists during a wide variety of activities, including bike riding, lawn mowing, driving, crossfit training, weightlifting, working, and injury recovery. They work great to prevent calluses, and they come in five sizes. People who’ve tried these hand protectors from Alpha Impact give them high marks overall. There are competitors with more features, but they are more expensive. These will suit most people’s needs nicely.

Weight Lifting Gloves for Men Reviews

Our choice would be ideal for most users, but there are other exceptional products on the market. If you would like more weightlifting gloves for men reviews, here are our other picks:

Dominator Leather Crossfit Cross Training Gloves

Dominator Leather Crossfit Cross

These Dominator Leather Crossfit Cross Training Gloves by Crown Gear are meant for crossfit and lifting weights.

This is one of the more expensive items to make our list, but it has some great features, including padding in the hands and wrists, double stitching for durability, and a one year guarantee.

Users state that they love the pull tabs on the fingers that make removal easy after a sweaty workout, and that the company is excellent about honoring its guarantee.

Soldier Military Style Weightlifting Gloves

Soldier Military Style

Another model from Crown Gear, Soldier Gloves are packed with features, including the pull tabs for easy removal and the same guarantee as the Dominator.

This pair has high density foam in the palms, and gel grips to protect against slippage. The color is army green with black and orange accents. An unusual feature is knuckle protectors.

Long fingers and thumbs provide extra support. Consumers claim that these are very well made.

B Nooch Premium Weightlifting Gloves

B Nooch Premium

These quality hand protectors for men and women are also good for crossfit and other workouts. Available in five sizes, they have an especially comfortable wrist strap and double padding in the palms for extra insurance against calluses and blisters.

Customers give these mid-priced gloves high marks for quality. They are hand washable. B Nooch provides a one year replacement guarantee.

Nordic Lifting Weight Lifting Gloves with Wrist Support

Nordic Lifting Weight Lifting Gloves

These hand and wrist supporters from Nordic Lifting offer superb grip for safer workouts. They are made from real leather in black that won’t stain your hands.

Five sizes and an adjustable wrist wrap ensure proper fit for men and women. The material of the wrist strap is less dense than some others, which provides less support than heavier straps, but is more comfortable. Users give this item high marks, especially for comfort.

Olympiada Weight Lifting Gloves

Olympiada Weight Lifting Gloves

These black and yellow hand protectors from Olympiada are made of stretch material for a snug fit. They provide a safeguard against calluses and help you maintain your grip during athletic activities.

The company graphic of a helmet over two crossed hammers inside an octagon is in large print on the fronts and backs of these.

Users report the quality is high, but that it’s important to measure your hand for a good fit when ordering these. The company provides a lifetime warranty on this reasonably priced item.

Weight Lifting Gloves by Trovis

Weight Lifting Gloves by Trovis

This item is more of a palm protector than an actual glove. It has a triangular piece of fabric to cover the palm, Velcro wrist strap at the bottom, and loops at the top to hold it on fingers.

These afford wrist support, palm protection, and grip while allowing air to freely flow across the hand. Simple and inexpensive, these are an excellent choice for people who sweat uncomfortably during workouts. They come in two sizes and three color choices.

Harbinger 1250 Training Grip WristWrap Glove

Harbinger 1250 Training Grip

These hand protectors have extra-long fingers and especially thick padding on the fingers and palms, and a patented WristWrap that offers extra stability.

Users report that the TechGel Comfort Pads make them very comfortable at the expense of breathability. They run a bit small. The company suggests handwashing them, which is advisable because they do make users sweat. Overall, these are constructed exceptionally well.

Harbinger 155 Power StretchBack Glove

Harbinger 155 Power StretchBack Glove

The Harbinger 155 hand protector have mesh backing and fingers and a leather palm with foam padding.

They are an inexpensive model, and they don’t include a wrist brace. Covering less of the hand and wrist, and having short fingers, means these cause less sweating than other similar products.

These are an excellent choice for men who want basic hand protection that won’t interfere with movement or trap perspiration.

Harbinger 143 Men’s Pro FlexClosure Gloves

Harbinger 143 Men's Pro

Like the Harbinger 155, the 143 lacks a wrist brace. It also has mesh on the back and fingers for flexibility and ventilation.

The 143 is more substantial, with leather on parts of the back and thumb as well as the palm. Users report that they can be machine washed, making them convenient to own, and perspiration is less of a problem with these than other models because of their material and amount of hand coverage.

Finding the best weightlifting gloves for men to meet your needs will be easy now that you’ve read these reviews of weightlifting gloves for men, making your trips to the gym more productive and enjoyable.