Best Travel Pillows in 2020 with Reviews

To make your vacation experience more enjoyable, you can purchase a travel pillow. This product comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it can be difficult to know which product is the best when purchasing one on the Internet.

To help you find the best travel pillows, you can use these best travel pillow reviews as a guide.

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Best Travel Pillow

Luxury Travel Neck Pillow

The Luxury Travel Neck Pillow made by MemorySoft has the perfect combination of size and comfort, making it perfect for cars, planes, buses, and camping. It is U-shaped and made of memory foam, so it molds to your neck. This product offers prime comfort and convenience—perfect for travel to any destination.

The company offers money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied within 30 days. This means you can try the purchase without having to commit to your purchase. This allows you to try out the device to make sure it is the perfect one for you. Although the majority of customers give this item a positive review.

Beyond comfort, which is the most important feature of this type of item, this product has a washable cover, so you can bring it anywhere without having to worry about keeping the product clean. It also comes with an elastic strap and a travel bag. This means you can easily bring it to the pool, use it to lounge at home, or bring it on long trips. The bag is small and could even be convenient to bring camping.

This product is better than the other similar products on the market because it is made of memory foam, the most comfortable material on the market, but it is also small enough to make it possible to bring on trips. If you think this item sounds like it is for you, you can buy it on the Internet today. It is sold from a variety of websites, including the company’s own website.

Travel Pillow Reviews

Getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult when on a trip, but with the help of these travel pillow reviews, hopefully on your next trip, you will be more comfortable and better rested.

J Pillow, Travel Pillow

J Pillow, Travel Pillow

This product was the winner of the British Invention of the Year in 2013. It is also the best selling travel pillow on

It is unique because it is shaped like a three dimensional letter J. The shape makes it optimal for supporting your head, neck, and chin, while also stopping your head from falling forward.

In addition, it also can be compacted into a tight ball for easy storage in your luggage.

Travelrest, The Ultimate Travel Pillow

Travelrest, The Ultimate Travel Pillow

This product has received several awards. It is the best selling pillow on Amazon. It has been named the Best Travel Pillow for Airplanes by Ergonomic, Innovative & Patented.

Also, The Wall Street Journal named it the top travel pillow. It provides full lateral support for the upper body, making it easier to fall asleep.

It also inflates in a few breaths, and deflates for easy storage. It has unique shape as it is worn like a sash. This item is only seven ounces.

CABEAU Memory Foam Evolution Pillow

CABEAU Memory Foam

This product comes with a compact travel bag to compress it to a quarter of its size. This makes it easy to attach to or store in your luggage.

It comes with free earplugs for even higher quality sleep. It also has a washable cover, helping you to remove germs and stains and allowing you to really bring this anywhere.

AirComfy Travel Pillow

AirComfy Travel Pillow

This is an inflatable item made for back support. It allows you to relax upright, preventing you from kinking or straining your neck.

Its size is adjustable, so you can make it perfect for you. The product is self-inflating, so you do not even have to do any work to assemble the item when you use it.

This product also attaches to the headrest, so you can position it and then not worry about it falling as you sleep. Because this product inflates, it is less than half a pound and can be stored in a small case.

The Comfort Master

The Comfort Master

This product is made of special memory foam that molds to your body, providing optimal head, neck, and chin support.

The entire pillow can be put in the washing machine, so you do not have to worry about where you bring it. It comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. You can buy this pillow in three colors: blue, grey, and purple.

Memory Foam Therapeutic

Memory Foam Therapeutic

This is a non-toxic, hypoallergenic product because it has no chemical odors. This is unique for a memory foam product.

It has a special cooling gel technology to prevent the surface from becoming too warm while you use it. . The memory foam makes the material mold to your body, increasing its comfort.

The product is U-shaped, which is optimal for comfort and storage. It has a strap for securing it to your luggage.

Travel Pillow Inflatable

Travel Pillow Inflatable

This inflatable product comes with an eye mask and earplugs, creating the best travel sleep experience. It fits tightly below your head, supporting both your head and neck.

Because the material is inflatable it can be easily brought in the car, plane, or bus. You can also inflate it to whatever your desired firmness is. You can hand wash the product with soap.

Neck Pillow Aeris

Neck Pillow Aeris

This velour-covered item can be machine-washed. Every item is aerated for seven days, so it is odor free.

This means that although it is a memory foam product, it does not smell of chemicals. Several companies have rated it as the best memory foam material for neck support. This item comes with a sleep mask and earplugs, so you can optimize your sleep experience.

Travel Pillow With Goose Down

Travel Pillow With Goose Down

This is more like a traditional pillow. It is a smaller version of the items that most people have on their beds at home.

It is filled with 700-fill goose down, making it luxurious and comfortable. This option has an Egyptian cotton cover, which was woven in Germany.

You can get the product in several different firmness levels. It can compress for packing, but easily retakes its shape when unpacked.

With these reviews of travel pillows, you have the knowledge to pick the pillow that best suits your needs. These ten reviews should give you everything you need to find the best travel pillows.