Best Sunglasses for Men in 2020 with Reviews

Sunglasses are a necessary part of everyday life, especially in the hot and sunny summer months. However, with so many options, it can be hard to find what sunglasses are right for you. Don’t let the many choices intimidate you.

Instead, look good and do your eyes a favor and pick up the best shades for you after reading this list! The best sunglasses men can find can be bought after reading these sunglasses men reviews. Here are our top picks for you.

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Best Sunglasses for Men

Ray-Ban RB2132

The best pair of shades on our list will probably come as no surprise based on their massive popularity in recent years. The Ray-Ban RB2132 – 811/32 New Wayfarer Non-Polarized Sunglasses have a classic look that doesn’t seem like it will ever go out of style.

Featuring the iconic Ray-Ban logo on the temples, these sunglasses are sure to be recognized as a quality and enviable product all around the world. This New Wayfarer style adds a new level of playfulness to the iconic shape, flaunting a softer eye shape than the original.

The many color and lens options allow you to both enjoy a classic, world-renowned style, while still adding a little bit of your own originality and flair, setting you apart from the rest. These light and comfortable glasses also have 100% UV protection with G-15 lenses.

Customers remarked on the perfect sizing and great looks of this product, and many even said that they bought multiple pairs after their first order because they performed so well. Altogether, these glasses offer an excellent pairing of classic styling and customizable options that is sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

Sunglasses Men Reviews

While most customers should love our first pick, those looking for something a little different should not fear. We have more sunglasses men reviews for your consideration below:

ATTCL Fashion Driving Polarized

ATTCL Fashion Driving Polarized

These shades feature a metal frame with a polarized glass lens that offers 100% UV protection. They are also 100% polarized, which helps absorb the reflected light from the sun while doing all kinds of activities, and also helps with astigmatism.

Weighing in at only 20g, you will barely feel these on your face, but do not sacrifice any durability because they are unbreakable as well.

neff Men’s Daily Sunglasses

neff Men’s Daily Sunglasses

These take a more modern and hip approach to the classic Ray-Ban look. With a plastic fram and lenses, these non-polarized glasses will keep you looking great and stylish, and at a great price.

They also have a wide array of different color combinations, meaning you can stand out from the crowd and add your own personal style to your sunglass selection, which is an added bonus.

Duco Men’s Sports Style Polarized

Duco Men’s Sports Style Polarized

These polarized glasses feature a metal frame, anti-reflective lenses, and are imported for a fresh and new look.

The aluminum and magnesium frame construction allows for both strength and optical stability through a state of the art metal alloy, while soft thermoplastic rubber tipped temple grips ensure that you won’t lose the glasses off your face when the going gets tough.

Duduma Premium Full Mirrored Aviator

Duduma Premium Full Mirrored Aviator

Duduma provides a great looking aviator with different lens colors for a great price. With UV 400 protection and a lightweight and durable construction, these are the best of both worlds.

There is also a lifetime breakage warranty on both the frames and the lenses, as well as a 30 day money back guarantee, all combining to make these a great purchase.

zerUV Premium Mirrored AviatorzerUV Premium Mirrored Aviator

Similar to the Duduma offering, these sunglasses provide a great look paired with a wide selection and excellent quality.

They also offer 100% protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays, and will keep your eyes safe even on the sunniest of days. With the option to purchase in a 3 pack or individually, you can buy them for yourself and your family or friends too!

Goson Wayfarer Classic 80s

Goson Wayfarer Classic 80s

Get a blast from the past with these 80s inspired vintage styled shades. These unisex sunglasses will keep anyone looking great, and a vast selection of different colors, lenses, and designs will keep even the pickiest eyewear customer happy. One size fits all, and with such incredible pricing, you can have them all!

Ray-Ban Men’s Aviator Large Metal

Ray-Ban Men’s Aviator Large Metal

Another classic from the sunglass kings at Ray-Ban, these glasses are sure to turn heads no matter where in the world you might be.

Ray-Ban is synonymous with quality, and these brushed metal frames exude a classic and timeless look. Add the included case and cleaning cloth and you’re ready to take on anything, and look great while doing it.

Oakley Men’s GasCan

Oakley Men’s GasCan

Another massive player in the industry, Oakley found their winning look with the GasCans, which can make anyone look tough and rugged.

Made of 100% nylon with a Plutonite polycarbonate lens and 100% UV protection coating, these shades are durable, both looks-wise and in their overall performance, which is a winning combination.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Semi-Rimless Aviator

Kenneth Cole Reaction Aviator

Kenneth Cole is world-renowned for cutting-edge fashion and style, and these sunglasses are no different.

A different play on the standard aviator look, this semi-rimless version adds a new flair to the timeless look, and are sure to get a reaction wherever you wear them.

There’s our list of the best sunglasses men with a comprehensive set of sunglasses men reviews. Hopefully you found everything you need to keep your eyes happy and you looking good for some fun in the sun sometime soon!