Best Scientific Calculator in 2020 with Reviews

Whether you’re at school, home, or in the office a scientific calculator is a handy tool for quick calculations.

This list of the best scientific calculators should provide you with the information you need buy a calculator which is right for you. These are our top 10 choices. Click to see today’s pricing, pictures and user reviews.

  • Texas Instruments TI-84
  • Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS
  • Casio fx-260 Solar
  • Casio FX-115ES Plus
  • Casio fx-300ES Plus
  • HP 35s
  • Casio FX-115ES
  • Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS
  • Texas Instruments Green TI-3X IIS
  • HP 15C

Best Scientific Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-84

The number one scientific calculator is the TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator by Texas Instruments, a reliable and well-known calculator company. It is well made and will meet the needs of both student and professionals.

This device can be used for many problems such as calculus, engineering, and trigonometry. It also handles simple financial equations too. It also works with graphing and tables very well, and turns your numbers into visuals. It has a split screen option that shows your graph on one side, and the table of your data on the other for easier ways to analyze graphs.

With 12 apps already preloaded, this product is up to date with technology. This USB compatible device allows for easy sharing between other calculators and computers, and is great for presentations. More apps are available to download that make learning easy and fun, and give you more options than you could ever imagine.

This unit comes with a backup battery so you will not lose any data, and shuts off automatically to save energy. It also comes with a warranty for 1 year to ensure your calculator works correctly and meets your needs. Its cutting edge technology is sure to work for home, work, and school.

Scientific Calculator Reviews

Although most people would be satisfied with the calculator previously described, we have added 9 more scientific calculator reviews so you can find the one that is best for you.

Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS

Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS

This classic product is also from Texas Instruments, and provides a user friendly two-line scientific calculator for all your needs.

It comes complete with three angles options, factions, and other necessary functions. It is solar and battery powered, and has an easy to see display. Your equations are editable and copy-able. This is a great device for statistics too.

Casio fx-260 Solar

Casio fx-260 Solar

This simple Casio calculator is user friendly and great for any scientific calculations. Along with its regular built-in battery it comes with a large solar panel to save energy, and your work if the battery dies.

A slide-on case protects the product when not in use, and slides on the back when in use so you will not lose it. It is used for fractions, trigonometry, and other complicated math problems.

Casio FX-115ES Plus

Casio fx-115ES

This Casio device is for scientific and engineering calculations. It comes with a textbook display that matches the characters that are seen in educational books, providing any easier way to understand different symbols.

It comes with 280 math options to help with many different types of problems. It also allows for editing equations, and has a back button to review previous problems. Of course it comes with the typical built-in battery, but also has a solar panel to extend and save the battery life.

Casio fx-300ES Plus

Casio fx-300ES Plus

This is another product from Casio, and is a simplistic and easy to use. It has textbook display in order to prevent confusion of symbols, which means it coincides with the characters in textbooks and is easier on the eyes. It has a solar panel to supplement its built-in battery.

This is a good calculator for many secondary students with many options such as trigonometry, physics, and other necessary courses.

HP 35s

HP 35s Scientific Calculator

This product from HP has over 100 options with 30K for memory. It can be used with RPN or  algebraic entries, and has a large display for over ten characters.

This device is made for professionals and post-secondary students. It is ready the moment you receive it, and has a two year warranty. It can also store up to 800 different problems so you can save and look back at past equations.

Casio FX-115ES

Casio Advanced Scientific

This device is from Casio and is allowed for use in many nationally recognized standardization tests. It has a solar battery to supplement the built-in one, and a protective case for when it is not in use.

Its display coincides with textbooks, and can hold up to 12 characters for long equations. This is a very good product for students in many studies such as physics, biology, among others.

Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS

Texas Instruments

This fun colored orange calculator is made by Texas Instruments and has many different functions for secondary students.

It can be used for many different subjects such as physics, and chemistry, and can be used for problems such as trigonometry and logarithms. It has an over ten character display for longer equations.

Texas Instruments Green TI-3X IIS

Texas Instruments Lime Green

This device, also from Texas Instruments, has a large display that shows both the equation you input and the answer for your convenience.

It is made for professionals such as engineers and people in the sciences. In a vibrant lime green color, this calculator is good for many math equations.

HP 15C

HP 15C

This HP calculator is simplistic in design, but advanced in use. It can be used for RPN problems, and many other scientific problems.

This product is a limited edition device from HP, and was made to look like vintage calculators from years ago. It is geared toward professionals who enjoy the uncomplicated, but useful scientific calculator in the quaint package of days past.

Now that you had read all the of reviews of the best scientific calculators you will be well informed on the types you should invest in. One of these 10 best scientific calculators will suit your professional, home, or school needs easily.

Here is a more detailed look into some of the featured products

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphics Calculator

Students and even professionals nowadays can rely on calculators to do theirmathematical computing tasks. But depending on one’s computing needs, you may require more from your calculator. This is were the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphics Calculator enters. It has the potential to make your work and school life easier with the many useful features it possesses.

Proudly made by a leading manufacturer of scientific instruments, the TI-84 is a powerful scientific calculator. It allows you to make statistical calculations, geometric computations, and even engineering notations through various supported modes all in one device.

With the TI-84, you can also plot graphs and edit the variables’ values on the same screen. This split screen functionality is helpful when plotting different types of graphs and even in some advanced statistical analysis.

All the computing power in the TI-84 relies on four AAA alkaline batteries and a built-in silver oxide battery for backup. This ensures that your calculator does not power off in the middle of an important exam.

Speaking of tests, the TI-84 is allowed by the College Board to be used in standardized test settings. You can rely on your scientific calculator and breeze your way in answering math problems in your SATs.

Yes, the TI-84 Plus Graphics Calculator is a powerful calculator. However, it’s not that useful for those interested in using it for their advanced engineering degrees. This calculator still lacks the computing power and functionalities to make it a true all-around calculator.

There is not much functional disadvantage to the TI-84. But in terms of economics, you can say that the TI-84 is at a disadvantage compared to its counterparts.

If you want value for your money and intend to use a scientific calculator from middle school to college, the TI-84 is the right one for you. It’s a reliable and powerful computing device that will make you enjoy Mathematics more.


  • Powerful Computing Device
  • Supports Split Screen Input
  • Battery-Powered and Includes Built-in Backup Power Mechanism
  • Allowed on AP, PSAT, NMSQT, and SAT tests


  • Doesn’t Support Computations for Advanced Engineering and Science Courses
  • Can Be Too Pricey

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CASIO fx115ES Plus Scientific Calculator

The Casio fx115ES Plus is Casio’s latest addition to its scientific calculator line. Boasting of both improved and new features, the fx115ES is as useful and as versatile as other calculators available in the market today.

Starting off with its Natural Display feature, the new Casio fx115ES Plus lets you see numerical expressions in their textbook format. This is especially useful for those still learning how to read equations and to avoid confusion when making calculations.

The Casio fx115ES Plus calculator has a large multi-line display screen. This allows you to clearly see inputted numbers and will also give more room when viewing or replaying past equations and answers.

The fx115ES Plus Scientific Calculator supports over280 functions, likemetric and polar-rectangular conversions, linear regression, fractions, trigonometry,statistics, complex number calculations, etc. – allowing you to just rely on one device for all your mathematical computation needs.

With the calculator, you are assured of a smooth-sailing SAT examination since this device is approved for use by the College Board. It is also allowed on other examinations like ACT college entrance exams, PSAT, NMSQT, AP and NCEES exams.

The main drawback for the Casio fx115ES Plus Scientific Calculator is its limited computing power for more advanced mathematical fields. So if you only intend to use it for high school or college courses, the fx115ES would be enough.

Another minor gripe with the Casio fx115ES Plus Scientific Calculator is that its backup power mechanism is only supplied through a small solar cell. This may not be enough in the rare event that the calculator’s main battery is busted while you are taking an important test.

The Casio fx-115ES Plus Scientific Calculator is perfect for those who want a calculator that will last them for many years without spending too much for it. This calculator can also be used as a sort-of training wheel for making complex calculations on a scientific calculator before you can afford a more expensive graphing calculator.


  • Has Natural Textbook DisplayScreen
  • Includes Multiple Replay Functionality
  • Supports 280+ functions and calculation types
  • Allowed on AP, PSAT, NCEE, NMSQT, and SAT tests


  • Doesn’t Support Advanced Computations for Engineering and Science Courses
  • Backup Solar Power Only

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HP 35s Scientific Calculator

Scientific calculators manufactured by HP has been lauded over the years for their reliability and ease of use, especially in advanced engineering fields. Even if some models have been phased out, a lot of users are still clamoring for them. That is why HP launched the HP 35s Scientific Calculator.

Dubbed as a reinvention of previous well-loved HP calculators, the 35s Scientific Calculator can now store 800+ storage registers. This allows you to program and store values on the calculator’s 30 KB memory itself to help with all kinds of calculations.

The new 35s calculator supports algebraic and RPN values – thus making data entry easier and faster whether you are using your calculator for school or for work.

The HP 35s scientific calculator also boasts of a new keylayout and interface that allows up to two lines and 14 characters to be displayed simultaneously. All these match modern sensibilities while ensuring that the calculator is durable.

The 35s Scientific Calculator nowincludes 100+ built-in functions and stored constants. This allows you to make different kinds of calculations while just using one device.

One of the flaws that most users find with the HP 35s is its slight computation errors. For instance, some of its trigonometric calculations can be incorrect.

Another gripe from old-time HP calculator users is that the 35s is missing the rectangular-polar conversion buttonwhile other keys are rearranged or just relegated as a dropdown menu option. All these make the 35s Scientific Calculator a little harder to learn using again.

For those who want a powerful programmable scientific calculator, the HP 35s is the right one for you. It may take a while to get used to if you have had an HP calculator before. But this still beats other scientific calculators out there.


  • Stores 800+ Registers
  • Features New Key Layout and Two Line Display Screen
  • Supports 100+ Functions and Loaded Constants
  • Supports Algebraic and RPN Values


  • Some Trigonometry Calculations Are Incorrect or Off by a Few Decimals
  • Rearranged Layout Causes Confusion

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Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator

Texas Instruments’ line of scientific calculators would not be complete without the addition calculators geared towards high school and new college students since this age group does not need the more powerful scientific calculators that advanced science and math students need. Nevertheless, the Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator has been a favorite among its intended crowd.

The TI-30 IIS calculator allows you to do taskswithout a hitch. Learning how to compute these functions with your calculator will surely help you breeze your way through general math, pre-Algebra, geometry, and algebra 1 and 2.

This scientific calculator also has a two-line display. This means you can see your inputted equation on the top portion of the screen while the answers are displayed at the bottom portion. You can also scroll the equation to change its values and recalculate accordingly.

Simple statistical analysis is also possible with the TI-30 IIS. It has built-in one or two variable statistical problem solving functions – making it useful for your statistics or economics classes.

Another advantage of the TI-30 IIS scientific calculator is its ability to input and display fractions. This is especially important for those who find it cumbersome to deal with equations involving fractions.

A minor drawback of the TI-30 IIS scientific calculator is its lesser computational prowess and you cannot store values on it. But this is understandable since the calculator is geared towards a different audience.

Another drawback some users found with the TI-30 IIS has something to do with the device’s construction. Over time, the keys will no longer display or will come off from the casing. This may only be isolated cases since other Texas Instruments calculators work for a long time.

The TI-30 IIS is recommended for those in high school and just beginning college. This scientific calculator allows you to complete your basic math courses and keep a calculator that will last you a long time.


  • AllowsBasic Trigonometric and Algebraic Functions.
  • Features Two Line Display Screen
  • AllowsOne or Two Variable Statistical Problem Solving
  • Displays Fractions


  • Not as Powerful as Other Models
  • May Breakdown Easily

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Casio FX-115ES Advanced Scientific Calculator

Casio, one of the world’s leading scientific instrument maker, is maintaining its competitive edge with its FX-115ES Advanced Scientific Calculator. This calculator is geared towards students, professionals, and other enthusiasts who want all the rapid computation skills of a scientific calculator without spending too much for it.

For starters, the Casio FX-115ES Advanced Scientific Calculator boasts of a two line Natural Textbook display screen. This means that the equations and answers are shown like how they would appear in a textbook – preventing confusion and facilitating understanding of these mathematical problems.

The Casio FX-115ES has 270+ built-in functions from simple metric conversions to complex vector and matrix calculations. Having stored functions means you do not have to memorize or keep separate copies of these values.

Another great feature of the Casio FX-115ES calculator is that it is solar-powered while its backup power is obtained from one built-in battery. Even if the calculator’s environmental footprint is small, it is still good to know that this device relies on renewable energy.

The FX-115ES scientific calculator is also permitted for use during PSAT, AP, NCEE, SAT, and NMSQT exams that normally prohibits the use of graphic calculators. This is essential information that you need to know before purchasing a scientific calculator since most of those using this are students.

Most gripes concerning the Casio FX-115ES advanced scientific calculator has to do with minor hardware issues that you may never experience. The FX-115ES calculator may suddenly turn off while you are in the middle of a calculation and disrupt your problem-solving mojo.

The FX-115ES may also require a factory reset if some of its stored functions suddenly fail to work. Most of the time, these are just isolated issues and are almost always resolved after a reset.

The Casio FX-115ES Advanced Scientific Calculator is suitable for students and professionals who want a smart yet handy computing device that can be allowed on most standardized test settings. With the Casio FS-115ES, you are assured of accurate computations in a handy and affordable device.


  • 2-Line Natural Textbook Display
  • Supports 279+ Functions
  • Solar Powered With Battery Backup
  • Permitted On PSAT, AP, NCEE, SAT, and NMSQT exams


  • May Suddenly Switch Off
  • May Require Factory Reset if Some Function Don’t Work

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