Best Pushup Stands in 2020 Review

Pushups are a great way to increase fitness without spending a lot of money on a gym membership or complicated equipment. The exercise can be done at home, takes only a few minutes, and has great strength building benefits, including denser bone mass and greater core strength.

Adding pushups to your fitness routine will build up your muscles and protect you from osteoporosis, back pain, and rotary cuff injury. Pushup stands can make the workout easier and more comfortable. They are inexpensive, small, and portable.

If you are interested in the best pushup stands, our pushup stands reviews will help you find a great set.

These are our top 10 choices. Click to see current pricing, pictures and user reviews.

Best Pushup Stands

Maximiza Push-up Bars

The number one pushup bars are the Maximiza Push-up Bars by Garren Fitness. Their sturdiness, attention to detail, size options, and price make these our top choice.

The stands are shaped like a bent letter S with foam hand grips on the raised center and rubber stoppers on the ends of the stabilizing feet. The set of two pieces are available in 25mm and 22mm sizes, and are constructed with a single piece of chrome steel. They are very sturdy, and will not bend or break under your weight. The 25mm handles hold a maximum weight of 330 pounds each, while the 22mm size can hold 220 pounds each.

These handles raise your body a few inches above the ground, allowing you to dip more deeply than you could without the tool, making a more intense workout possible. Holding the bars will help you to keep your wrists straight, preventing pain and injury. They also make more positions possible, allowing you to vary your workout. The bars can be used for Crossfit and P90x as well as traditional exercises.

Users give these fitness handles excellent marks. They say they are lightweight, sturdy, and don’t slide. Some people said these made pushups possible for them again after suffering a wrist injury. Those without injuries said they made the exercise more comfortable than working out on the floor bare-handed. An exercise guide is included with the product, and the company offers a money back guarantee.

Pushup Stands Reviews

Our number one selection would be suitable for most people all around. If you would like to know about more of these products, our pushup stands reviews will help.

Pushup Bars Anti Slip by Lift Stronger

Pushup Bars Anti Slip

These stands are made of sturdy plastic and can hold up to 198 pounds. They are lightweight and they have non-slip feet which can be removed making them small and portable and ideal for travel.

Foam padding on the handles make them comfortable and prevent hand slippage. People who’ve tried them report that they are easy on their hands and wrists, and that they seem quite durable. The company provides a lifetime warranty.

Perfect Pushup – Original

Perfect Pushup - Original

This fitness tool from Perfect Fitness has rotating handles with ball-bearings inside to engage more muscles and avoid stagnation in your workouts.

The handles and the base have rubber grips for comfort and stability. These were designed specifically to reduce potential injury. The original version includes an exercise chart and a workout planner which are not included with the newer version, although they can be accessed online for free.

Users claim the rotation in the stands and the exercises provided on the chart helped them to get a very effective workout.

Perfect Pushup Elite

Perfect Pushup Elite

Each of these bars, from Perfect Fitness, has a rubber-coated handle and a round, flat base with a rubber bottom. The handles have steel ball bearings in them for smooth rotation.

This design was invented by Alden Mills, who is a former Navy Seal, to reduce injuries in their training program. These will hold up to 400 pounds and are weight vest ready. Customers give these high ratings, saying they offer challenging workout options and are built to last.

CAP Barbell Pair of Push-Up Bars

CAP Barbell Pair of Push-Up Bars

These fitness handles from CAP Barbell are constructed of chrome plated metal. They have foam padding on the handles and hard rubber grips at the ends of the feet.

These are basic and inexpensive. Users rate this item highly, as it is sturdy, lightweight, and portable. It holds up under heavy bodies and doesn’t slide around. The handles have nice cushioning.

Push Up Bar from Gorilla Fitness

Push Up Bar from Gorilla Fitness

This version of the classic handles from Gorilla Fitness is made of steel. The bars are easy to assemble and ready for use in minutes. They can be collapsed quickly for easy travel.

They have foam grips for your hands, and hard rubber stoppers on their feet for good traction. Gorilla Fitness backs these up with a one year warranty and friendly customer service.

Consumers say these don’t wobble, they tolerate quite a bit of weight, and they are easy to take along.

GoFit Push-Up Bars

GoFit Push-Up Bars

GoFit’s offering is constructed of high resin plastic bars with rubber foot grips and a soft foam handle. This exercise device will help users get a greater range of motion and a deeper stretch during their upper body routines.

People who’ve rated these say they are not as sturdy as some metal bars, but they are great for travel, and the foam holds up exceptionally well. This item is lower in price than most of the other options.

TKO Extreme Training Push-up Bars

TKO Extreme Training Push-up Bars

Model number 150PS-GB Extreme Training Push-up Bars from TKO are made of gray plastic with rubberized foot grips and a black and gray foam handle.

Users report that these plastic stands are very lightweight, and, while they support a lot of weight, they can tip easily. They are comfortable to use, and they won’t scratch floors. People especially like these for P90x.

Harbinger Training Push-up Bars

Harbinger Training Push-up Bars

These stands from Harbinger have a delta-shaped paddle type base, unlike the types that have feet. They are made of gray and black polyethylene, and have padded foam grips.

The base has rubber pads to prevent slippage. Each of these can support 350 pounds. Customers comment that the handles are wider than most, so these would be a good choice for people with large hands. They feel stable, and they don’t slip during use.

Inred Rotating Pushup Bars

Inred Rotating Pushup Bars

This item from Inred has a round, flat base with rubber grips for traction. The hand piece is molded plastic. The whole unit is gray and black.

This stand has a rotating base, which will allow you to turn your hands during use. This will permit you to get a get a deeper workout and reduce stress on your wrists while using them, which will challenge your muscles in new ways.

With so many stands available, choosing the best pushup stands for your needs can be difficult. Now that you have read our reviews of pushup stands, we are sure you will find a pair you like.