Best Pocket Knives in 2020 with Reviews

Whether you’re out in the wild or inside of the house, owning good knives is an excellent way to take the hassle out of both small and major cutting tasks.

In order to get the most from this product, finding an affordable one with desirable qualities that can be easily carried around is best. Luckily, the best pocket knives come in many styles with very diverse features that you can take advantage of.

Read our pocket knives reviews and check out these top picks that will help you decide on the best one that you can buy.

These are our top 10 choices. Click to see current pricing, pictures and user reviews.

Best Pocket Knife

BlizeTec Multi-Purpose

The top pick for the best cutting tool is the BlizeTec Multi-Purpose Tactical Folding Knife.

This superior pocket knife is the top pick because of its multifunctional uses, regal appearance that adds a touch of chic style, and construction that makes it a great choice for owners at both a beginners and professional level. The quality of this item guarantees reliability and long term use and comes with a lifetime BlizeTec warranty.

The handle of this tool was created to be used by left or right handed consumers. The gripping is comfortable for males, females, and novice owners, making it safer and easier to control. With something for everyone, it can be used for recreational needs, to aid in self-defense, or to help out around the house. Toting it around is not hard at all since it is small enough to fit comfortably in your pockets, on your belt, or in a pouch made of durable nylon material.

Of the 14 tasks that it can be used to perform, owners are usually impressed with each singular feature. The cutting blade is very sharp and so are the scissors. Along with the corkscrew, the bottle and can opener help to easily open items, and fingernails can be kept clean with the use of the  included nail cleaner and the nail filer to keep them smooth. You will also have a Philips screwdriver on hand and a leather punch. There is even a scaler for fishing enthusiasts and a saw included.

These knives are perfect gifts for friends or family members who spend time camping, hunting, or taking part in various activities outside. Collectors also keep and appreciate this BlizTec creation because of its color and Swiss Army design.

Pocket Knives Reviews

Our top choice can meet the needs of most knife owners, but here are some reviews of pocket knives that share more of the best options:

The Tac Force TF-705 Pocket Knife

Tac Force TF-705

Manufactured by Tac Force, this one is smooth yet solidly constructed for ease of handling. It comes pre-sharpened, may be used as a clip for pockets, and is ideal as an everyday cutter for both small and major tasks.

When needed for other uses, it also functions as a bottle opener and glass breaker. With a reliable spring assist and trusty lock assist, this knife can also frequently be used safely outdoors.

The Tac Force TF-711 Series Knife

Tac Force TF-711 Series Knife

If you are looking for a knife that can be easily stored and used quickly, this Tac Force model is the right choice. Its packaging will provides additional storage, while doubling as a carrying case.

The serrated ends makes the cutting of sharp objects effortless, and these knives can also be used to cut seatbelts. It opens easily with an assist, and the thumb guard and locking features provide extra safety.

The Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic

Manufactured by the iconic Victorinox company, this one has a variety of features for multiple purposes, including mini scissors, a blade for cutting, a toothpick, tweezers, a nail file to practice hygiene on the go, and a screwdriver tip for assembly needs.

The key ring feature helps you to keep up with it, and each function of this item is customized to perform at its best. There is also a lifetime warranty included for long-term user satisfaction.

The Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Sharpener

The Smith's PP1

This multifunctional piece is a great choice for outdoor lovers and hobbyists. Life can quickly be brought back to dull blades with this small item that weighs in at only 1 ounce.

When used, the ceramic stones that are designed with purpose will effectively produce extremely sharp results. Moreover, both the stones and carbide blades are reversible and are able to be replaced to allow consumers to get the most out of this product.

The Schrade IMP16S 3 Blade Knife

The Schrade IMP16S

Designed to be both attractive and functional, this item is sharp and made with stainless steel. It includes a handle made of celluloid for a comfortable grip.

Top quality supplies are used to construct this product and all assembly is done in the United States. No matter what your needs are, these knives can be used for professional purposes or recreational reasons.

The Schrade 3OT Uncle Henry Knife

Schrade 3OT Uncle Henry Knife

Another cutter produced by Schrade, the Uncle Henry is also American made and is created with the highest of quality material designed for safe handling and use.

It is tough enough to withstand frequent use over a long period of time. Equipped with a lockback feature, the 3’ handle and 2.2’ blade make this a great knife for beginners with its light weight and strong abilities.

The Mtech Ballistic Bowie Pocket Knife

Mtech Ballistic Bowie Black

The creativity behind this Mtech model makes it a prized possession to use and to put on display with its unique blend of a camouflage pattern and artistic skull designs.

The BOWIE blade included as part of this product makes it even more desirable.  Perfect for trendy buyers and sold in an eye-catching box when purchased, this one also makes a great gift.

The Batman Twin Blade Knife

Batman Twin Blade Knife

This intriguing object that is made in a shape to resemble the Batman symbol is a popular alternative to your more traditional options with its creative design.

Produced by Unlimited Wares, it is easy to use with an assisted opening tool and liner lock to help open it or keep it closed. The twin blades also have thumb studs to add to its dynamic appearance. This product is ideal for fans of the Batarang Style, and the Batman franchise.

The Gerber 22-41830 E.A.B. Pocket Knife

Gerber 22-41830 Pocket Knife

This stainless steel pocket knife by Gerber is long lasting and can easily be stored anywhere. These knives can double as box cutters while the pocket clip can be used as a money clip as well.

There is no need to worry about this knife getting dull or ruined thanks to its exchangeable blade option. Shaped for a solid grip, this one works well for consumers who want a safe knife for daily tasks.

You can easily find your favorite cutting tool from reading our top ten list. After seeing these pocket knives reviews, we know you will pick the right one to suit your style and your needs.