Best Mouthwashes in 2020 Review

If you’ve ever wished your mouth could be fresher after brushing your teeth, or you have problems with gingivitis or cavities even though you brush and floss, mouthwash may be your answer.

With so many mouthwashes on the market, it’s hard to know which ones to try.

These are are our top 10 choices. Click to see current pricing, pictures and user reviews.

Best Mouthwash

TheraBreath Oral Rinse

Our number one choice for mouthwashes is TheraBreath Oral Rinse. Its overall features, its long lasting freshness, its lack of artificial colors or flavors, and the fact that it is dentist recommended make it our top pick.

TheraBreath Oral Rinse uses an oxygenating agent to kill bacteria in the mouth that lead to bad breath and tooth decay. The alcohol-free formula also protects against dry mouth, which is another contributing factor in bad breath. The mild flavored liquid is buffered, so it won’t burn your mouth. It’s been proven to work quickly, and last from 12 to 24 hours.

Users give this item high marks. It takes care of chronic bad breath problems for people who’ve had no luck with other brands, and it can eliminate tonsil stones in sufferers. It combats typical bad breath as well, and can even prevent morning breath. It’s not tested on animals, it’s certified kosher, and it’s safe for diabetics.

This mouthwash is best overall because it is good for severe problems as well as typical oral hygiene needs. It helps with problems some rinses don’t, such as dry mouth, and it outlasts the others. This product costs about the same as its competitors. All of that effectiveness without any burning or stinging is another plus.

Mouthwash Reviews

While our pick for the best overall product would be an excellent choice for most people, there are some other great oral rinses out there. One of them might be a superior choice to TheraBreath Oral Rinse for you, even though that’s still our top pick. Here are some more mouthwash reviews to give you an idea of what else is on the market.

Nature’s Answer PerioBrite Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

Nature's Answer PerioBrite

This natural rinse relieves dry mouth and freshens breath while promoting healthy gum tissue. Users say their dentists noticed the improvement in their gums and reduced tartar build up. Some report that it quickly killed bacteria that caused pain in their teeth.

This could bring significant relief from common sources of oral discomfort. For those who prefer a natural product without dyes or harsh chemicals, this is an excellent choice. It tastes of cinnamon and cloves.

SmartMouth Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

SmartMouth Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

This oral rinse, a favorite of dentists, uses zinc ion technology to freshen breath. It comes in two pump bottles, and must be mixed immediately before use to be effective. It does not contain alcohol, so it won’t cause the same issues with dry mouth that some other brands are known for.

It works for up to 24 hours, it’s safe for diabetics, and it won’t stain teeth or dentures. Users give this product high ratings in general. The mint taste is very mild.

SmartMouth ACF Mouthwash

SmartMouth ACF Mouthwash

SmartMouth Advance Clinical Formula Mouthwash has more ingredients to fight plaque, gingivitis, and germs than the regular version of this product. Many customers report a marked improvement in gingivitis symptoms with this product.

Like the regular formula, this one does not contain alcohol and will not cause mouth burning. It works to combat common bad breath, halitosis, and food odors. Expect to use it for a few days to a week to get the full effect.

Smart Mouth Mouthwash, Travel Size – 10 ct

Smart Mouth Mouthwash, Travel Size - 10 ct

If you like the SmartMouth mouthwashes, this portable version of the product will come in handy when you’re away from home. The standard product comes in two pump bottles and must be mixed just prior to use.

These handy packets make it easy to pack some mouthwash away in a lunch box, luggage, or in a carry-on bag for air travel. Like the bottle formulas, this is alcohol and sugar free. You can use it without fear of staining any dental work you have.

Tom’s of Maine Wicked Fresh Mouthwash

Tom's of Maine Wicked Fresh Mouthwash

This mouthwash promises to freshen bad breath. It contains mineral zinc and flavor oils, but none of the extra ingredients to fight other oral problems. It’s alcohol free, so it won’t burn or dry out your mouth. If you simply want to rinse your mouth to freshen up you might want to try this product.

Customers like that it’s a natural product. It’s less expensive than some of the other options, but it doesn’t have the same effect on overall oral health as do products that contain more active ingredients.

JASON Healthy Mouth Mouthwash

JASON Healthy Mouth Mouthwash

This oral rinse is made with natural ingredients to combat bad breath. It also fights gum irritation and tartar build-up. The manufacturer recommends that you use it twice per day.

Using it before bed will allow the tea tree oil in it to protect your teeth from sugars in your mouth, leading to overall better dental health.

Some users report that it also works very well to fight dry mouth. It tastes like tea tree oil and cloves, which could take a bit of getting used to.

Crest 3D White Glamorous White Mouthwash

Crest 3D White Glamorous

This oral rinse freshens breath, whitens teeth by removing surface stains, and protects teeth from new stains.

It contains 15% hydrogen peroxide, but it doesn’t contain the alcohol that some people object to due to dry mouth issues. That hydrogen peroxide means the product foams a bit. It tends to tingle in the mouth. Users report that it does whiten their teeth, especially from coffee and tobacco stains, which are notoriously tough to get rid of. .

Others have reported that it helps with the yellowing that occurs naturally with age. The manufacturer claims it will offer users whiter teeth in the space of seven days.

Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash

Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash

Listerine fights bad breath, plaque, and gingivitis by killing the germs that cause them. This dentist recommended brand is over 100 years old, making it one of the oldest and most trusted brands on the market.

The original Listerine formula had a distinctive, unpleasant taste. The newer formulas on the market, particularly Cool Mint, are well liked and offer the same great oral hygiene boosting qualities in a much more palatable rinse.

Listerine is accepted by the American Dental Association, and has been clinically proven to kill the germs it says it does.

Cool Mint Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash

Cool Mint Listerine

This is the same Listerine that’s been around for 100 years, with some improvements. The new flavors are much more pleasant than the original was.

If you are looking for a basic mouthwash to fight common bad breath and kill the germs in your mouth that lead to dental problems, this may be the one you want. This trusted brand has been recommended by dentists for years and years, and is consistently a top seller.

If you have been looking for the best mouthwash for you, give one of these a try now that you’ve read these mouthwash reviews. We’re sure you’ll find one you like.