Best Motorcycle Helmets in 2020 with Reviews

There is nothing more assuring then knowing your safe while driving your most prized motorcycle. With our top review and extras you should be sure your getting the real thing.

We will show you which helmet we believe in the best motorcycle helmet that is on the market. Along with the top pick we will show you some more product reviews so you have some more products that you could go off of in order to be able to buy yourself the best motorcycle helmet out there. So please enjoy our top 10 list below.

These are our top 10 choices. Click to see current pricing, pictures and user reviews.

Best Motorcycle Helmet

Black Full Face Helmet

The number one motorcycle helmet that we believe is on the market is the Black Full Face Helmet DK-140. This helmet is well designed and looks great. It comes in a great dark black color that will make you look cool any time of the day you go out riding. This helmet is manufactured by Duke Helmeta to look this amazing.

It was designed so that is will exceed the safety standards needed when riding a motorcycle on the road. It comes in this dark color only but also comes in 5 different sizes so you know there will be a size that fits you. The current sizes that it is provided in is small, medium, large, X-large, and XX-large. The product itself is very lightweight and it won’t feel like many others that make you not want to wear them because they are either way to heavy for your head or just don’t look cool enough.

The actual helmet itself has a great shell design that was contructed using some advanced and lightweight polly-alloy. It has a quick release chin strap built in which is also removable and washable. Thr liner and the cheek pads are also machine washable or hand washable. It comes with a carrying bag and 2 different types of visors which are either tinted or clear.

The product was designed in order to meet or exceed the standards of DOT. It will keep you safe incase you have an accident where you might fall and hit the ground with your head. You’d be more protected from trauma with this product then you would with many other brands.

Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

While we think that our pick would be the best for you, we have included some more picks so you could have some more options to think about when you go to buy your next motorcycle helmet.

Matte Black Full Face Helmet

Matte Black Full Face Helmet

This product that was designed by IV2 has the nice and sleek design. It has been tested to meet or exceed the DOT standards.

It is a street legal helmet that has been certified so you know you are safe while wearing it. It will reduce the wind noise that you get from most helmets while driving because it has a nice built design in order to cover your ears.

Even though it has some nice coverage from the wind it is also well ventalated so that way you won’t have to get all sweaty while wearing it. Along with that it comes with 2 different types of visors that are clear and smoked with easy changing capabilites.

Matte & Metallic Open-Face Helmet

Matte & Metallic Open-Face Helmet

Made by HJC Helmets this is one of the best motorcycle helmets we have ever seen. With its well designed exterior and the amazing color tone you can’t beat it.

It has a metallic look to make it shine and stand out against all the other helmets that are on the market. Even if you don’t like the color there are plenty more to chose from. It has been DOT certified and even has it printed on the back of the helemt to add a little more detail to it.

It has a sun shield to help keep that pesky sunlight out of your eyes while driving. It has a shivercool interior so you can stay nice and cool without becoming sweaty. The final great asset is the quick slide shield and 8 different sizes for everyone to pick from.

Techno Bluetooth Modular Helmet

Techno Bluetooth Modular Helmet

This is the most techinally designed helmet that is manufactured by Bilt. It comes in one light color which is a sort of shiny smooth silver.

You could know there is a size for you because it comes in 4 different sizes which are small, medium, large and X-large. It has a very high tech molded polycarbonated shell and metallic silver paint on the outside.

With this awesome added feature you are sure to love it because it comes with bluetooth compatability so you can connect your mobile phone to it or an intercom. You should be able to use the bluetooth to contact from rider to rider or rider to passenger.

Motorcycle/Snowmobile Black Helmet

Motorcycle Snowmobile Black Helmet

This is another greatly designed biking product by IV2. It is similar to their other one but has some obvious different features to look forward to.

It has the most advanced modular dual visor on the top. There is a one button touch that could convert the visor from full face to open face in just a few seconds. It also comes with an easy control retractable anti-scratch sun visor.

Along with that it is very ventalated and has 10 different venatlating ports to keep you cool all the time. The helmet itself is very lghtweight compared to others and you won’t feel like there is a brick on your head

Matte Black Full-Face DK-120 Helmet

Matte Black Full-Face DK-120 Helmet

This is also tied to our top pick which was also produced by Duke Helmets. It is a similar design because it was made in the series that they produced.

It is the DK-120 and it also eceeds the DOT safety standards. It come is 5 different sizes which are small, medium, large, X-large, and 2X-large. This has the lightweight composite polly-alloy with the aerodynamic shell design.

The inside is designed to have removable and washable liner and cheek pads. Just like its related partner that made the top pick it has 2 different visors which are clear and tinted and comes with a cloth carrying bag.

Modular Helmet with Sun Shield

Modular Helmet with Sun Shield

Designed by GLX this is a great impact resistant made helmet. It will protect you from those accidents in which you might not know will happen or didn’t think would happen.

It has an advanced ventalating system so that way you could stay cool and not be all sweaty while enjoying a day on the road. It comes in 4 great metallic colors of White, Black, Matte Black and Silver.

Along with the 4 colors there is also 4 sizes which are small, medium, large and X-large. The visor is anti-fog and anti scratch with an integrated sun shield. Washable and removable inner liner.

X888 Full Face Helmet

X888 Full Face Helmet

Manufactured by Vega this is one cool helmet. It will cradle the head to keep in safe upon impact. It has wick-dry fit liner and there are vents on the chin, mouth, forehead, and the rear of the helmet.

There are 9 different shield options that are available and some include tints, mirrors, and anti-fog. This will meet and/or exceed US DOT standards along with a cool design for DOT on the back of the helmet so people know you were protected.

The helmet comes in two colors which are flat black and gloss black. Another bonus is all their helmets come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

Created by 1Storm this is one cool helmet. It is another DOT approved helmet so your safe if something happens. There is an advanced flip up and dual lens design for the visor and their is an inner smoked lens and outer clear lens.

The helmet itself is durable and very lightweight. Has a very beautiful glossy UV protection finish with removable and washable inner padding. With 4 different sizes and 7 different colors you are bound to find something you will love for sure.

SH-FF0015 Full Face Helmet

SH-FF0015 Full Face Helmet

A helmet made by Fuel Helmets was very well designed. This helmet comes in 4 different sizes which are yet again small, medium, large and X-Large.

It has a dual vented diffuser to keep you cool and keep maxium airflow going through the helmet. It is a very lightweight helmet that is easy to carry around on your head. There is remoable cheek pads that are washable and easily cleanable.

The shield is quick release so you can put it up and down in one second with little to no effort. Also DOT approved so you know your safe. The color only comes in Glossy black but it appears to be a very appealing color.

Now that you have read our reviews for the best motorcycle helmets you should know which one is just for you. This guide will help you pick out your favorite helmet from almost thousands of different kinds that may not suit you very well. So the next time you o helmet shopping bring along this top 10 best motorcycle helmets review guide and you will be sure to find the one.