Best MacBook Air Cases in 2020 Reviews

So, you went ahead and bought a sleek and advanced MacBook Air, and you love it so far.  You bring it everywhere, whether you’re a student who carries it to class or a hard-working businessman or businesswoman who needs it for work every day.

But all that lugging it around makes you nervous, because you spent good money on that computer and don’t want it getting dinged up or scratched!  Luckily, there’s a simple solution to your problem – invest in a case to protect it from wear-and-tear.

These are our top 10 choices. Click to see current pricing, pictures and user reviews.

Best MacBook Air Case

TopCase Rubberized Hard Case

Our top choice for current MacBook Air cases is the protective and sleek TopCase Rubberized Hard Case for MacBook Air 13-inch.  It is very affordable but also does an exceptional job of protecting your expensive Mac laptop free of marks, dents, and scuffs that will inevitably happen if left uncovered.

A sharp looking black design, this shell is intended to fit MacBook Air’s with 13 inch displays.  Just snap the two pieces onto the top and bottom of your computer and you’re set to go.  The material is hard plastic, but is finished with rubber that gives it some grip and makes the surface matte and smooth.

One thing users really love about this cover in particular is that despite the dark color of it, it’s still see-through, so the lit up Apple logo that Mac laptops are famous for can still shine through and be seen.  The black color choice adds a nice flair to your laptop so that it’s not that same old chrome color that everyone else’s is.

An especially useful feature to point out is that this case is cut specifically for your MacBook Air.  The ports, buttons, and drives on the sides are fully able to be used without removing the casing.  There’s also a gapped surface to the bottom so that your computer’s fans can air properly and not overheat, which is a reassuring safety feature.

MacBook Air Cases Reviews

For some more options, featuring a variety of styles and price points, see below for further reviews of MacBook Air cases.

TopCase Quatrefoil/Moroccan Trellis Grey Ultra Slim Lightweight Rubberized Hard Case Cover

TopCase Quatrefoil

This case is perfect for the fashionista!  It has a sophisticated, modern trellis design, and is very moderately priced.

Made by TopCase, it is strong and durable and offers top notch protection for your computer.  It snaps on for easy use and keeps all your ports and buttons free and uncovered for convenience.  This option fits the 13-inch size laptop.

MacBook-Air-13-Case SlickBlue Hard Case Frosted with Sleeve Bag, keyboard Skin, and Clear Screen Protector


SlickBlue brings a mid-priced option that includes a lot of added extras.  The case itself is translucent purple and has a rubber finish that is hard and sturdy but soft to the touch.  There are feet on the four corners of the bottom to allow your computer to get adequate air circulation.

Along with the case comes a skin to overlay your keyboard, a sleeve for when transporting your Mac, and a screen protector.

TopCase Rubberized Hard Case Cover for MacBook Air 13” with TopCase Mouse Pad

TopCase Rubberized Hard Case Cover

This case, made for the 13-inch laptop, is both nice to look at and strong and secure.  The bright “hot blue” color makes you sure to stand out as a trendsetter.

The hard rubberized cover snaps onto the computer’s frame.  For an incredibly low price, you get a solid, quality product from TopCase.  Also included in the packaging is a cute chevron print mouse pad.

TopCase Rubberized Hard Case Cover for MacBook Air 11” with TopCase Mouse Pad

Hard Case Cover for MacBook Air 11

If you’ve got an 11-inch MacBook Air, this is a great selection to consider.  It comes in a variety of colors and is translucent so you can see the Apple logo through the cover still.  The case simply clips on and is ready to go, protecting your laptop from dents and scratches.

This item comes in a variety of colors, some neutral and some bright and bold.  It has cut outs where plug-ins are to keep them clear and useable.

HDE Glossy Hard Shell Clip Snap-On Case for MacBook Air 13”

HDE Glossy Hard Shell

Incredibly affordable, this option is perfect if you’re looking for a simple, basic, and slim cover.  Made of hard plastic, it offers top of the line protection.

For fun and aesthetics, it is offered in over a dozen different color options.  An important feature is the foam feet on the bottom to ensure proper fan ventilation for your hard working laptop.

Kuzy Air 13-inch Navy Blue Rubberized Hard Case for MacBook Air 13.3” Shell Cover

Kuzy Air 13-inch

Though a bit of a higher price tag, this case, made by Kuzy, is great quality and will last a long time.  It fits the 13-inch Air, and is constructed of a solid, durable plastic with a soft rubber matte finish.

It’s also see-through so the lit logo on the top can still be shown off, and the bottom is well ventilated so your laptop won’t overheat.

SlickBlue MacBook Air-13” Rubberized Hard Frost Case Cover with Keyboard

SlickBlue MacBook

This wine red shell is sleek and functional, as well as super affordable.  It offers excellent protection, preventing your computer from getting dinged and from everyday wear-and-tear.  It features the snap-on design, the cut-outs for port holes, and a gapped bottom for the fans.

As a bonus, this product is sold with a flexible keyboard cover that’s a matching red.

HDE Matte Hard Shell Clip Snap-on Case + Matching Keyboard Skin for MacBook Air 13”

HDE Matte Hard Shell

This cover delivers reliability and protection at a low cost to you.  Purple in color and made of strong hard plastic, it’s stylish and gets the job done.

It has non-slip feet on the bottom and is cut to leave your plugs and disc drawer available. It comes with a keyboard skin, too, to protect your keys from dust and spills.

TSeries Plastic Hard Case Cover and Keyboard Cover

iBenzer - 2 in 1

This product from iBenzer stands out as a more heavy duty shell than the rest.  Of course, it costs a little more, but the added protection will give you peace of mind.

Gold in color, this case is made of thick sturdy plastic, and features the traditional snap-to-attach method of affixing it to your computer.  It’s made to fit the popular 13-inch size laptop.

Each of these cases, though similar, does offer a little something different, be it design or functional features.  Luckily, they’re all detailed in this article’s reviews of MacBook Air cases, so the research part of shopping is made easy for you.