Best Infrared Grills in 2020 with Reviews

Cooking outside and using a grill is one of the best parts of a warm summer day.  It can be the center of attention on a small patio or while a party is going on.

Some grills run off of propane, while others run off of charcoal, so you need to make sure that you know what kind of grill will work best for you.  The best infrared grills can be found with the help of these infrared grill reviews.

These are our top 10 choices. Click to see current pricing, pictures and user reviews.

Best Infrared Grill

Weber Genesis 6531001

The Weber Genesis 6531001 is our top pick for infrared grills and is made by the Weber Grills company.  Because of its reliability, ease of putting together, even cooking spaces, and quickness of heating to the desired temperature, it is our first choice in the infrared grill group.

This grill runs off of propane, so make sure you know where you can find some.  The grates for cooking are cast iron with a porcelain enamel to help heat the grill up quickly over the four burner tubes.  Each burner is protected by a tube over the top of them, which will help prevent damage from cooking food, but can still be easily cleaned.  To make lighting the grill easy, there’s an electric igniter that will start the flames for your grill.

Generally, consumers find that the quality of this product is one of their favorite qualities of this grill.  Although it is more expensive than a majority of the grills on this list, consumers enjoy the durability of the product, noting that it doesn’t rust out or give out after a couple of years of use.  Consumers also find that there aren’t any hot or cool spots in the grill that they need to avoid when they’re cooking.

Although this is an extremely heavy grill and is more expensive, it is considered to be more durable than a lot of other grills on the market.  It is a larger grill, with a width of sixty inches, but the shelves on either side don’t need to be attached, so it can become smaller and fit in a more limited space, but if you would like to use the side burner, you’ll need to keep one side attached.

Infrared Grill Reviews

Our top pick should work for a majority of consumers, but if you would like to look at more infrared grill reviews, here are some more grills for you to consider.

Char-Broil Classic

Char-Broil Classic

When you get this grill, be prepared to assemble it and to provide your own tools.  It comes with four burners and is mainly stainless steel.

With its electronic ignitor and propane gas, the grill is easy to start and has a nice and easy grease try that can be removed and cleaned.

Consumers find the grill to be extremely durable, even when they use it at least once a day.

Char-Broil 14601997-DI

Char-Broil 14601997-DI

Running off of propane, this grill measures in at just over a yard wide, making it perfect for a home with very small outdoor space.

There are little to no hot spots in the cooking area of the grill, which consumers enjoy.  Although there is no side burners, this is still an extremely popular product.

Some buyers do find that after a few months of use, the paint on the top of the grill bubbles from the heat, but the grill still works just fine.

Char-Broil Big easy TRU Infrared Smoker, Roaster, and Grill

Char-Broil Big easy

This is a slightly more unusual grill as it fills multiple other rolls that people may want to use a grill for.  There are multiple ways for food to be cooked with this grill, as there is a grill rack and roasting baskets within the large barrel body of this grill.

If you’re interested in add-ons for this grill, so you can get more food inside the grill when you cook.

Char-Broil TRU Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill

Char-Broil TRU Infrared Patio

All you need to run this grill is an electric outlet.  Because of that, it allows the grill to heat everything evenly while you cook.

Although this means that you won’t get a charcoal flavor when you cook, it’s common for other buyers to take woodchips, wrap them in foil, and then let the smoky flavor get into the meat without damaging the grill.

Some consumers have found issues with heat level that the grill will reach, often stopping short of four hundred degrees.

Char-Broil TRU Infrared Urban Gas Grill

Char-Broil TRU Infrared Urban Gas Grill

This grill is small, with two burners, each with their own controls, so that it can fit into small outdoor places.

In order to use the heat effectively, the grill limits the air flow inside of the cooking space, and relies on the infrared heat to cook the food completely without drying anything out.

Generally, consumers like the cooking that the grill does, but find that the materials aren’t well made and fall apart quickly.

Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Propane Gas Grill

Solaire Anywhere Portable

Although this grill says that it can cook anywhere, it is still a good idea to stick to grilling outside.  The product comes with one pound propane cylinders and can hold four eight inch hamburgers on its cooking surface.

It is extremely flexible in what it can handle, the grill coming equipped with a number of attachment mounts for other Solaire products.  Consumers enjoy the product, but find the construction and quality to be sorely lacking for the price.

Meco 9300 Deluxe Tabletop Electric Grill

Meco 9300 Deluxe

Weighing in at less than twenty-five pounds, this grill is also to be used exclusively outside.  It is very good and cooking the food to what users consider perfection, but they complain about the grease try being too close to the heating elements and constantly causing shorts.

However, the heat control is rather easy to use and consumers find that they can figure out the cooking time for their food after just a few uses.

Dyna-Glo Black & Stainless Premium Grill

Dyna-Glo Black & Stainless Premium Grill

The size of this grill depends on how many burners you select, options running anywhere between two and five burners.

For easy storage, the grill shelves on either side collapse and it comes with a cabinet on the bottom to hold the propane tank that powers the burners.

However, this grill can also be purchased to run off of natural gas.  Consumers find that the grill is poorly insulated, but is still extremely powerful.

Char-Broil TRU Infrared Grill2Go

Char-Broil TRU Infrared Grill2Go

Specifically designed for traveling and camping, this grill is built to be hardy and easily portable at twenty-five pounds.

It is recommended that it is settled away from the ground, on a table of some sort, which it can do without causing any lasting damage.

This tiny grill can be attach to a twenty pound tank that holds propane, sold separately from the actual grill.

Now that you’ve seen the infrared grill reviews, you can select the one that suits your needs the most.  We’re sure that you’ll see the best infrared grills in the above list for you needs grilling adventures and explorations.