Best Hidden Cameras in 2020 with Reviews

There is nothing better then knowing your house is safe when you’re not home. We have provided you with our top 10 best hidden cameras reviews so you know which one is the best.

You will be able to tell which one will be the most hidden and the one that is very low profile. So enjoy our best hidden cameras reviews.

These are our top 10 choices. Click to see current pricing, pictures and user reviews.

Best Hidden Camera

Onepalace High Definition Camera

The number one hidden camera is the Onepalace High Definition Clothes Hanger Camera. We have chosen this as our top pick because of its low profile and very simple look.

You can easily install the clothes hanger with the sticky pad on the back of anywhere you would want to and it will bring the convenience and fun to your daily life. When motion is detected the camera will start recording automatically. The mini gadget will record your uninvited guest’s actions and can be used as a proof provider if there is an accident. The files are automatically saved after recording for 30 minutes or if it is out of power.

The images produced by this camera is of very great quality coming in at 1280×960 resolutions. You can charge the gadget with a little USB attachment as well as hold up to 16GB worth of data in it. It will support the TF/Micro SD card. This is also ideal since it doesn’t have a very high profile like some other cameras tend to have.

Hidden Cameras Reviews

While we believe that our top pick is the most suitable for every consumer we have also provided some more options. With the below top 10 hidden cameras you will know which one has the better profile then some others might.

ePathChina Pinhole Spy Video Camera

ePathChina Pinhole

This can support video and audio output as well as having a small compact design. It has a miniature covert shape which is easy to hide.

There is a high-quality pinhole lens that has excellent image and performance. The DSP technique is highly sensitive, steady and is able to produce high clear image quality security system products.

The newest AGC circuitry processing technique with an electronic shutter, white balance, backlight compensation and many function mini camera. This is widely used for ATM, jewlery shops, finance rooms, and many other important indoor short-distance conditions.

enKo Spy Clock, Radio, and Speaker With Night Vision

enKo Spy Clock

This is a fully functional MP3/MP4/FM digital clock radio with a built-in hidden camera and DVR. This device does play audio files but does not record audio.

It has an auto-on infared night vision and motion detection as well as a continous loop feature that records over old footage when full. This has a sturdy aluminum to allow construction with a built-in LCD screen and speaker. They will also give you a 2 year warranty and 100% money back guarantee.

LiBa SAS Spy Pen

LiBa SAS Spy Pen

This is a convenient spy pen that is not one of those cheap knock off ones. This pen has a video resolution of 1280x720p video with frame rates of 30fps which is better than most spy pens on the market.

It has a convenient ex-slot for a Micro SD/TF memory card that can support up to a 32GB card. There is a built-in 100% rechargable lithium battery that records even when you are out of the room.

IBSound Clothes Hook Camera

IBSound Clothes Hook Camera

This can support a USB and a maximum 16GB T-flash card. It will support 30fps for 1280×960 with high definition image recording.

The files are saved automatically and device will power off when you shoot video without enough power of sufficient disk capacity.

There is a built-in rechargable battert that can make a video more than 90 minutes. To recharge the battery just hook it up to a computer until the tiny green light stops flasing.

Covert Camera in Smoke Detector

Covert Camera in Smoke Detector

This is the most non-detectable form of a spy camera. It was designed so that way it will go into a smoke detector so it could have an aireal view of the location it is in.

It’s a CCTV camera with BNC connection for the DVR. It is a real smoke detector and will alert you if there is a fire. It can be used directly to a TV using RCA and this is a wired connection.

SpyCrushers Spy Sunglasses

SpyCrushers Spy Sunglasses

This is a cool and stylish form of being a spy. It has a simple on/off switch activation. There is an easy plug-and-play functionality for PC & Mac file transfers.

There is also a micro SD card expandable up to 8GB and 100 minutes of continuous recording. The video is of a 720p video resolution. You can take unlimited photos and has a washable micro-fiber lens cloth and mesh carrying case.

Teraputics Spy Pen Camera

Teraputics Spy Pen Camera

This is the leading brand of spy pen camera. It has a 720p true HD quality and is engineered for crystal clear video recording.

There are vibrant colors, steady frames, and top grade video capture quality. It has 8GB memory card that is included with resolutions of 1280x720p and a photo resolution of 2560×1440.

It has plug and play for PC and Mac so you could plug the pen into your computer and review the footage.

Conbrov Mini Wearable Camcorder

Conbrov Mini Wearable Camcorder

This is a one touch record spy product. It can take up to a max of 5 hours of continous recording. This will support the micro SD’s of up to 32GB which is suggested to use class 10 SDHC suggested for smoother playback video.

The 75 degree wide angle lens is great for capturing everything around you. There is an available date and time stamp and a built in rechargable battery.

AGENT SPY 007 Spy Pen

AGENT SPY 007 Spy Pen

This is a professional quality spy camera that features real 1280 x 720 HD quality video. It produces laser-sharp video images so that way you can see exactly what was recorded without being hampered by fuzzy images and distortion.

The pen also features specially enhanced audio quality so you can always hear clearly everything that was recorded.

Now that you have seen our reviews for the top 10 best hidden cameras you should know the one that you like the most. Whether you want one on your shirt of in your hand there are so many to chose from but we have made it simplier then ever with this guide. So the next time you need a hidden camera take this top 10 hidden camera reviews with you and you will know you’re getting the highest quality.