Best HDMI Cables in 2020 with Reviews

In our technological day and age there are so many choices for the equipment needed to enjoy movies, shows, or games.

Commonly needed today are HDMI cables for many game systems, DVD and Blu-ray players, and other technology. That is why we have compiled a list of the top 10 Best HDMI Cables for 2015.

On this list you will find which cable is best for your specific needs whether it be gaming, surround sound, or just looking at photos on your TV.

These are our top 10 choices. Click to see current pricing, pictures and user reviews.

Best HDMI Cable

Twisted Veins Three pack

The top cable on this list is the Twisted Veins Three pack of 3 ft High Speed HDMI Cables. This multiple pack is our first pick because of its additional content that makes using and maintaining it a lot easier.

These are the compact size of 3 feet allowing for easy travel and storage, especially with the extra velcro cable ties. The ties also help to store them properly, so they do not get bent out of shape and become unusable. Even if they were to be stored improperly though, they are made out of a tough braided outer shell that ensures they will last a very long time. The connectors themselves are equally as strong, and with gold plating will have long-lasting use.

Additionally, they come with another extra item for your ease. The addition of a 90 degree angle adapter will aid in both style and use. The adapter will help your cord fit into harder places, and from that it will sustain its use longer from avoiding improper bending of the wire. It can also be used to align the cord better with your technology set up to look a lot less messy.

These cords are made for durability and long-lasting use. They store easy, and look clean in any technology set up you may have. The extras with this cord are what puts it above the others by caring about ease and look or this necessary item.

HDMI Cable Reviews

The previous item is a great choice for many, but for those who may be looking for a different option we have compiled 9 other top notch choices.

Mediabridge ULTRA Series

Mediabridge ULTRA Series

This cable connects to all your devices, and gives the extra distance you may need for your technological set up. It is built to last with three layers of protection to bring a great picture to your TV.

This strong cable is suited for your needs catering also to 3D TVs, and surround sound systems. It is compatible with previous variations of the HDMI port, and is sure to deliver.

AmazonBasics High-Speed (6.5 feet)

AmazonBasics High-Speed

This simple and classic cord will meet all of your needs with a length of 6.5 ft. Fit for many devices such as Blu-ray players, Apple TV, PS3, and many more, it is exactly what many of us need.

What makes this cable great on top of its use? The packaging can be easy-opening and allow you to use your cable faster.

PS3 HDMI Cable

PS3 HDMI Cable

This simple cord is meant for the Playstation fantastic. This 8-foot cord comes with a lifetime warranty, and is guaranteed to provide the best gaming experience with your system.

Although it may seem simple, this cable is simply fantastic. It cannot improve your gaming skills, but it can improve how you see your game.

AmazonBasics High-Speed (3 feet)

AmazonBasics High-Speed (3 feet)

This compact cable made by Amazon basics, meets much more than your basic needs. Filling many of your picture and sound qualifications, it also provides an easy way to share internet through your technology.

Promising a 48 bit/px color depth, and up to 1080p of quality sound and show, this 3 feet cable will satisfy your tehcnology requirements.

HDMI High Speed Cord

HDMI High Speed Cord

With a promised resolution of up to 1440p and gold plated ends, this basic looking cord is much more than meets the eye.

Great for your surround sound, TV, gaming devices, and more, this high quality cord is keeping up with new technology.

What puts this cable above many others is its new elements, such as deeper color, higher resolution, and multi channel audio formats. You will not need to update your cable very soon if your purchase this one.

Fushion4K High Speed 4K

Fushion4K High Speed 4K

This ultra HD cord is equipped for the best technology out there. Ready to help you share and experience, this cable connects to all the devices you need it to, such as the Roku, and PS4.

With high quality image and sound, and 24-karat gold plated ends, there’s no chance of corrosion. It is backed by a 1 year replacement warranty.

BlueRigger High Speed Braided Cord

BlueRigger High Speed

This category 2 certified high-speed cable has 10.2 gbps/340MHz. At a good size of 6.6ft, this strong cord is braided to ensure you can use it over and over without having to worry about breaking it.

It works with all previous HDMI slots, and any compatible devices, and has a 1 year warranty. With its protected barrier is not only useful, but stylish too, and is bound to complete your tech area.

Cable Matters Micro HDMI

Cable Matters Micro HDMI

This HDMI cord is for those who love their small portable devices. Providing an easy way to share the pictures on your phone or the sketches you drew on your tablet, this cord has a micro HDMI so you can connect devices compatible with that to your regular HDMI devices.

Do not worry though. This different type of cord still comes with all the top quality resolution and audio too. It is compatible with many cameras, phones, tablets, and other tech.

Monster 1000HD Ultimate High Speed

Monster HDMI 1000HD

Living up to its name, this Monster cord has a scary amount of qualifications. With 1080p, more than 17.8 Gbps, and great digital surround sound experiences, it is a definite contender for the best HDMI cable.

It is suitable for devices of the past, such as the DVD players, devices of now, such as 3D HD TVs, and devices of the future, with its promised specifications. From a company that has been making great dependable cables for thirty years.

Having narrowed the options down to 10, you will be able to buy the best HDMI cable for any technology needs you have, and you will be watching, or hearing, the best that can be offered.