Best GPS Trackers in 2020 with Reviews

There is nothing better than knowing you have an amazing GPS out there. Having something that is reliable and universal.

The following reviews will show you our top pick for the best GPS tracker we believe is on the market and some others that we reviewed. Just because they look cool doesnt mean they are top of the line. So read our top 10 GPS trackers reviews to find which one works for you.

These are our top 10 choices. Click to see current pricing, pictures and user reviews.

Best GPS Tracker

Sourcing Mini Waterproof GPS

The number one GPS tracker is the Sourcing Mini Waterproof GPS. This mini system can help track children, elders, the disabled, pets, vehicles, etc all from one little system. This uses the power of google maps in order to operate and tell you where everything is.

This is a very tiny little tracker and can be carried anywhere you need to go. This can be hooked up to your pet to make sure he is safe. Also it can be secretly attached to your child to be able to know he/she is safe and in your area. It is location based and has some reliable real time tracking.

It was well designed by Sourcingbay to have an SOS alarm. It can alert you if something is wrong. While we are still on the alarm topic it also has a power saving alert system. This will alert you if the battery is low with a beeping sound. Along with that there is also an overspeed alert which notifies you when someone if moving or moving to fast.

The product was well designed in order to detect these multiple issues. There is also a low monthly fee depending on the SIM card that you use. So now that you know out top pick it is time to go out and buy yourself the top of the line tracking system. Even though we believe that out top pick is the best we have provided some more reviews below so you can see a couple more of our top 10 GPS trackers.

GPS Trackers Reviews

While we believe our pick is top of the line here are some more of are pick for the top 10 GPS trackers reviews below.

Mini Portable GPS Tracker

Mini Portable GPS Tracker

This wonderful tracking system manufactured by Spy Tech has 100% accurancy. Along with that is has a $25 a month fee which is cheap compared to other GPS’s.

They don’t require a contract, activation fee’s and no cancellation fee’s apply if you don’t want to continue with their service. You can get e-mail and text message updates and a Geo-Fence. Along with all these cool features the product will last up to 2 weeks per charge.

Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker

Mini Waterproof GPS Tracker

Produced by Sourcingbay this is a portable tracker with a Speed Alarm, Two way calling, and free app software. Easy to install device and it tracks by time.

Sleeping power-save mode saves the battery life for your GPS so it could last a lot longer. Another cool feature is that is is waterproof with a cool and fashionable design.

GPS306A Car Tracker

GPS306A Car Tracker

Another product made by Sourcingbay is based on GSM/GPRS with satellite positioning systems. No more pesky antenna’s with this product because the antenna is built into the tracker itself.

You put it into your car and then you no longer have to worry about it unless you want to take it out. Small size and very portable in order to move it wherever you want. To complete this awesome product you can locate it and manage it remotely via SMS or GPRS.

Waterproof GPS Tracker Magnetic Box Case

GPS Tracker Magnetic Box Case

A wonderful product produced an designed by Monster Magnetics keeps your GPS safe and dry. Don’t ever risk losing your super expensive product to water damage.

It will seal up tight with a Lock-Tight latch. The magnetic clips are small but hold tight for safety in case it goes into water. It can fit almost every GPS perfectly.

Car GPS Tracker 103B

Car GPS Tracker 103B

This is made by WEIKAI LIMITED and is remote controlled. Nice small portable size to fit anywhere. It has remote alram on/off system with station positioning.

It can transfer dat via internet connection or WIFI. It come with point to point, point to group and group to group monitoring services. Along with that it provides auto tracking upon different times and ditance intervals.

Instead of using SIM cards you could use an SD card for data logging. Very universal product which can be installed on a Bus, Taxi, Truck personal car, business car and many more.

MasTrack OBD Live GPS Tracker

MasTrack OBD Live GPS

This product created by Mobile Asset Solutions is top of the line. You can get real-time updates up to every minute. There is a low monthly fee which is cheaper than most GPS systems of their kind.

It is internet enabled and there is no software required. You can connect it to your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry with unlimited email and text message alerts for tampering.

No installation required either which is a plus if you want quick set up without the annoying fee’s. Provided with the product is a 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

MPVAS1 Teen Safety GPS Tracker

MPVAS1 Teen Safety GPS

This product that was brought to us by MotoSafety is a well designed Tracker. It comes in two forms of either OBD or Wired.

You could hook it up to a ar in order to monitor your teen’s location and driving behavior. You can get updates every minute is all 50 states. View vehicle locations online and get daily driver’s report card ratings.

Monitor unsafe driving from anyone who uses your car or just monitor your teen. You do need a monthly airtime subscription in order to keep it working but it is a very low cost. Another included feature is a limited lifetime warranty.

Remote Control Mini Car Tracker GPS

Remote Control Mini

Yet again we have another system made by Sourcingbay. This time they give you anohter remote control super gaurd GPS tracker.

Comes with a security device, no contracts and no activation fees or software fees. Works with an SMS/GPRS/internet data transfer. Alarm on/off function and station positioning. It is a lot similar to the previous one but has one or two more greatly enhanced features.

Dog & Cat Tracker Collar Attachment

Dog & Cat Tracker

Most amazingly designed by Whistle. They give you top of the line safety for your dog. If you are a very caring pet owner who loves their dog or cat this is the product for you.

You never have to worry about losing your pet because you will alwyas know exaclty where they are at. You will be able to find them quickly if they get lost or stolen. You get nation wide coverage which uses cellular to operate.

Track your dog or cats activity and rest so you can know their health status. Know if your pet is too hot or too cold. Has 10 day battery life, waterproof, and very durable. Free 30 day service provided with purchase.

Now that you have read our reviews you should be ready to purchase your new GPS tracker whether it is for a vehicle or a pet or even your child. This reviews should help you figure out which one will suit your needs the most.