Best Flat Workout Benches in 2020 with Reviews

There is nothing more amazing then being able to work out knowing you’re comfortable. With these flat bench workout benches reviews you will know you’re getting the right one.

We are providing you with our top pick as well as a couple other reviews that will help you when your purchasing one of these products. So please read on below and enjoy our top ten list.

These are our top 10 choices. Click to see current pricing, pictures and user reviews.

Best Flat Workout Benches

Flat Incline Decline Weight Bench

The number one work out bench is the Flant Incline Decline Weight Bench because we believe it impreses. We belive this is the top pick because of all its great features as well as the great overall weight handling capacity.

This is one amazing workout product because it can hold up to 1500lb of different types of weights. It has an 11-gauge 2” x 3” steel mainframe construction with a scratch resistant powder coat finish. There is an ultra thick 3” duracraft cushions which will offer a firm support and double stitched tear resistant vinyl. You will get added comfort with these oversized 4.33” vinyl covered rollers.

You should be able to perfrom presses from any angle without having to any different equipment. It has a 4-position adjustable t-bar leg hold down attachment with the vinyl covering. The bottom has a very wide horseshoe-shaped base that will help aid in the stability of the product itself.

Flat Bench Workout Benches Reviews

While we believe that our top pick will be most suitable for most people we have also included some more options for you. So read on below if you’d like to know more about some other top ten workout equipment.

Marcy Utility Flat Bench

Marcy Utility Flat Bench

Made by Marcy this is a very great product. It is a simple design and definitely looks like a flat bench with no added materials.

It come in a nice black color with the logo writeen down the middle in red. It has comfortable high density foam and boxed upholstery.

Also has a durable powder coated finish. You could use other equipment that is used to target most major muscle groups.

Cap Barbell Flat Weight Bench

Cap Barbell Flat Weight Bench

This produc was created by CAP Barbell to work great with most equipment. It has a powder coated tubular steel frame. With comfortable and durable box stitch padding you won’t be uncomfortable like with most flat benches.

You could perform dumbell, body weights or core based exercises using this product. The reccomended weight capacity is 300 pounds including the user. The specs are 43” W x 15” L x 18” H.

Travel Bench

PowerBlock Travel Bench

This is a woorkout product manufactured by Power Block. It is great for traveling as stated in the title because it is a small size.

The travel workout bench is a 2 by 3 inch, 14 gauge steel frame. It has removable detainer pins so you could fold the legs into a traveling positon.

Along with that it also comes with a built in shoulder strap for easy transportation to and from the car. It is mainly ideal for dumbell chest presses and other flat bench exercises.

Crescendo Fitness Flat Bench

Crescendo Fitness Flat Bench

This was manufactured by Crescendo Fitness to be top of the line. It comes in that one color of silver with the name printed down the middle in red.

They designed it so that way you could do chest presses, shoulder presses and even more. It is very durale and powder coated with a heavy duty steel frame.

There is a thick padded surface for the maxium comfort possible. It works with barbell and dumbbell exercises as well.

11-Gauge Flat Incline Decline Bench

XMark 11-Gauge FID Flat

Manufactured by XMark Fitness this is one high tech looking flat bench. It can hold up to 1500lb which includes the weights and the person using it.

There is seven back pad adjustments from the decline to full military press position. It also has an extra thick 3” duracraft pads. With an 11-gauge steel mainframe it was constructed with scratch resistant powder coated finish.

You could also have the option to get other attachments for the product which include the preacher curl or the leg extension or even both if needed. Along with the attachments you can choose from one of these colors: White or Black.

Heavy Duty Flat Incline Decline Bench

Heavy Duty Flat Bench

This product was produced by Body Solid. It was made for you to be able to lift weights while feeling comfortable at the same time. It included a T-bar leg hold down with the oversized rollers for even more comfort and stability.

There is also transport wheels for easy mobility in case you want to move it anywhere around your gym or home. There is thick and full  DuraFirm Pads which will never bottom out due to over use.

Flat Incline Decline Bench

Flat Incline Decline Bench

This is yet again another bench that was manufactured by Body Solid. It comes in a dark black color that will look nice anywhere. It can hold up to 600lb including yourself.

It was specially designed with a shortend base frame in order to lift perfectly in all Smith Machines, Power Racks, and Multi-Press Racks.

The height from the floor to the top pad in the normal flat positon is 20”. There is also a space between the seat pad and the back pad in the flat position which is only 3”. fairly easy to assemble and not that hard to put away.

FID46 Flat Incline Decline Bench

FID46 Flat Incline Decline Bench

Made by Body Solid again and they seem to be very popular with their products. This time this product is a multipurpose bench with a very durable 3-inch, round-rock-steel mainframe.

It has a 9 position 2.75 inch seat and back pads with a flat incline and decline settings. There is a removable leg developer with an upholstered 4 by 8 rollers.

Along with that it has 2 sets of cushioned hand grips with an arched lying leg curl station.

Olympic Weight Bench

Olympic Weight Bench

A well manufactured weight bench made by Adidas. It is a sterdy one-piece bench design. There is an oversized adjustable bench pad with a 2.5” thick and high density foam.

There is also a large diameter steel tubing and a total leg developing. Also has a durable and powder coated finish so you won’t slip or rip.

Now that you have seen the reviews for flat bench workout benches you should know which on fits you. If you’d like an actual flat bench or a lightly lifted bench you should have enjoyed our reviews and should bring this with you the next time you buy a flat bench workout bench.