Best Electric Wheelchairs Reviews 2020

Electric wheelchairs is a way to freedom for those who are limited by either medical conditions or old age.

Whether you want swift mobility inside the house or you’re travelling with family, a quality chair can help you make the most of your ride. Modern wheelchairs come with extensive control features placed on your arm rest to maneuver the chair in the desired direction.

Our picks for the best electric wheelchairs are listed below.

Best Electric Wheelchair

Smart Chair Powered Wheelchair

The best electric wheelchair out of the whole lot is the Smart Chair Powered Wheelchair.

It is the best selling product in the wheelchair market because of the host of features it provides at an affordable price.

It is lightweight, easily foldable and portable for travelling purposes in all kinds of situations and vehicles, has a long-lasting battery which helps you drive up to 15 kilometers before full battery drain.

The wheelchair is powerful, meticulously designed and has an eco-friendly battery. Even if you want to lift it up onto your car or SUV it can be easily packed into compact structure.Its robustness, durability, cost-effectiveness and flexibility makes it the number one choice for customers.

This is the reason it features on the top of our list. It weighs less, easy to take anywhere with you, comes at a lower price than most of the wheelchairs in the market and provides the best comfort in its class. It can climb up to 12 degrees of slope which is way better than all its counterparts.

With other wheelchairs, you also need to buy a lift ladder or something to transfer the chair into the car or SUV.But this one is easily portable and lightweight, so you can pick it up and take anywhere.

The Smart Chair is called smart for a reason. It has a very low turning radius which helps to drive through tight spaces and corridors.

Weighing only 50 pounds and giving a large number of facilities, this is the best bet for you at an affordable price range.

Electric Wheelchair Reviews

Although we have selected the best wheelchair very carefully, still we have a comprehensive list of more electric wheelchair reviews for you to refer.

IMC Heartway Rumba HP4

IMC Heartway Rumba HP4

Heartway has casted out a stylish design with a host of features. Also available at a monthly installment, this is a suitable option for those on tight budget.

The 4600 RPM and 450W motor gives it enough power to drive through rough or steep terrain.

The seat is rotating with the back foldable. Front wheels are 8 inches and rear wheels are 10 inches.

On single charge it can cover 22 miles which is long enough for a quality chair.



The PW-800AX is one of its class offering extraordinary features at an affordable price. It offers both power-automated control and manual control.

On a single charge it can cover 20Kms at a speed of 6 km per hour max. It has the option of single or double battery operation.

The battery has an indicator and can be charged even when not attached to the chair. There is also an option of raisable footrest that comes at slightly more price.

Overall, it’s a power-packed beast which will make you forget all disabilities and prepare for on a smooth ride.

Pride Jazzy 600 Power Wheelchair

Pride Jazzy 600 Power

If you’re willing to shell out some extra bucks for a quality product and advanced technology, this product is worth every penny. Pride Mobility has installed ATX Active-Trac Suspension with Extra Stability to make the drive purely comfortable giving  you the comfort of sitting in a sofa.

It has OMNI-casters which in simple words, easily help you cross any hurdles or potholes in your way. With a small turning radius, it can navigate through narrow pathways easily. The extra price makes customers a bit skeptical about the product but it offers new age technology that is unmatched by its peers.

Foldawheel PW-1000XL

Foldawheel PW-1000XL

Foldawheel PW-1000XL is the lightest of the all wheelchairs in its power wheelchair series. It weighs only 25 pounds and still has enough power.

It has the highest speed of 8.5 kmph compared to its peers. You can fold and open it in just 2 seconds which is its best feature.

On single battery it can go up to 12 kms and having the capacity of 3 batteries it’s maximum distance is 36kms, again highest in the class.

Overall, a superb quality product for those who can shell a few extra bucks.

Heavy Duty Personal Mobility Aid

Heavy Duty Personal Mobility Aid

This product from EZ Lite Cruiser has multiple features which make it a suitable options for many buyers.

It comes at higher price than it counterparts, weighs almost double than the lightest of the machines in the market but can travel a large distance of 16 kms on a single charge. Having the capacity of two batteries, it can go upto 32kms maximum.

The rear wheels are wide enough (12 inches)  to go over any terrain.

EZ Lite Cruiser Personal Mobility Aid

EZ Lite Cruiser

EZ Lite cruiser personal mobility aid is another product from EZ Lite Cruisers which comes at a cheaper price.

It has a flexible option of mounting the joystick on left or right armrest. EZ Lite also provides a lot of accessories to customize the wheelchair.

It can go upto 10 miles on single charge and can take upto two batteries. The seat is removable and easily washable.

The chair is easily foldable like many of its peers. Overall, it is a decent prized and long-lasting product.

Compact Mid-Wheel Drive

Compact Mid-Wheel Drive

A great product my CTM Mobility Scooter, it is effectively prized and offers many features at a lower price than its counterparts.

The machine is brilliantly designed and unlike most of the wheelchairs its front wheels are bigger than the rear ones. It comes with a shark controller with joystick,a long 19 inches seat with adjustable headrest and a foot-plate which is adjustable too.

The Folding Cirrus Plus EC 18 Inch

Folding Cirrus Plus EC

This wheelchair by Drive Medical is a good option for those looking for a decently priced product offering all the comfort and mobility.

Its design is elegant and the steel frame makes it sturdy for long-term use. The padding in the seat is extensive and the control is self-programmable.

The footrests have calf straps and heel loops. The joystick can be adjusted to the desired height.

Overall, it is a good quality product at an affordable price.

COBALTBL16FS Cobalt Travel


The Cobalt Travel from Drive Medical is another good product priced very effectively. This chair can be dismantled into three parts via a handy lever.

The armrests are highly adjustable and removable too. It is lightweight and also has a footplate adjustable up and down and can be tilted if needed.

All in all, it is your standard wheelchair at a cheap price.

From these reviews for electric wheelchairs, it will be easy for you to select the best electric wheelchairs in the market and pick the right one.