Best Dog Shampoos in 2020 with Reviews

Dog owners can’t always afford to take their pets to the vet, so they bathe their pups at home.  Usual human shampoos aren’t very good for dogs, so owners get dog shampoos which are designed specifically to work with dog fur.

The best dog shampoos can be found after reading these dog shampoo reviews.

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Best Dog Shampoo

Aromatherapy Shampoo & Conditioner

Our top pick among the dog shampoos is Aromatherapy Shampoo & Conditioner for Pets, sold by Gerrard Larriet, a company that focuses on aromatherapy for pet.  This is our top pick because of the gentleness on the pet’s coat, the number of scent options, and flexibility to work with both cats and dogs.

One of the most popular features of this shampoo is how long the fragrances cling to the pet’s coat and reduces the smell of cat or dog that tends to cling to them.  It works to reduce any dry skin that dogs may develop and strives to whiten the hair that dogs may have.  This particular product also has a conditioner to go with it.

Consumers love the scents and the fact that they cling to the dogs or cats that the product is used on.  Often, they find that it lasts for a couple of weeks and leaves the coats of the pets very soft and silky.  Because it is also made with natural ingredients, it is gentle on the animals and on the humans washing them.

This product is meant to leave a nice and light smell on the pets.  While they’re in the bath, the scent is meant to be a little bit heavier in order to relax the animals while they’re cleaned.  For white dogs, this product also does an outstanding job to make their coats whiter, but it works very well on any color of dog.

Dog Shampoo Reviews

While our top pick should work for a large majority of consumers, if you’re still looking for more dog shampoo reviews, here are more high quality products.

Five Star Natural Dog Shampoo Plus Conditioner

Five Star Natural Dog Shampoo

This shampoo is made with all natural ingredients and is soap free in order to reduce itching and dry skin that occasionally happens with some soap-based shampoos.

Consumers find that when they wash their pups, there’s a very light, but not overwhelming scent that comes with it, although it doesn’t remove any pet odors from the animal.  However, it does leave their coats feeling soft and silky.

OmegaPet Dog Shampoo

OmegaPet Dog Shampoo

With an oatmeal base, this shampoo strives to reduce any itching or uncomfortableness that dogs may experience with their coats.

Generally, consumers are happy with the product, often finding that they don’t need to use a conditioner afterwards because their pet’s coat is so soft and silky.

It should be noted that this shampoo doesn’t cover up pet odor or add any fragrances to the animal, they will smell like themselves once you finish with their bath.

SynergyLabs Medicated Shampoo

SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula

For dogs that are suffering from mange or other parasitic skin infestations or other skin infections, this product is designed to fight it.

It takes a little extra work, as you will need to wash your dog two to three times a week until the infection starts improving.  Consumers have found that in order to see any difference in the dogs, they had to be washed a couple of times, making sure that they follow the instructions.

Oster Oatmeal Naturals Shampoo

Oster Oatmeal Naturals Shampoo

Consumers find that the oatmeal base of this shampoo is very soft and gentle on dogs and their owners.  Because of the base, it makes the fur very soft and easy to run a brush or comb through after their bath, provided that they use the conditioner that goes with this product.

However, consumers find that the packaging is extremely poor and often leaks while being shipped.  Within the Oster family of shampoos, there are a number of different shampoos to enable you to pick the best one for your pet.

Dog Shampoo

Dog Shampoo - All Natural

This particular shampoo works with topical flea medications and addresses the itching and distress that comes with flea infestations.

There is no soap in the shampoo to damage your pets’ fur and doesn’t strip any natural oils that your pup has.  Consumers enjoy the light scent that comes with this shampoo because it hides pet odor while cleaning and reducing any itching that the pet may have.

Earthbath All Natural Shampoo

Earthbath All Natural Shampoo

With this brand, there are a number of different shampoos, depending on what your dog needs for their fur.  Consumers have been vocal in praising what a good job it does at soothing any itchiness and clearing up any bald patches from scratching that their dog may have.

They’ve also found that their pet’s fur becomes soft and occasionally returns to what it felt like when their pet was a puppy.

Perfect Coat White Pearl Shampoo for Dogs

Perfect Coat White Pearl Shampoo

If you don’t have a white or a light colored dog, you probably won’t see much of a difference in the coloring after a bath.

However, consumers do enjoy the light coconut scent that lingers after their bath, only objecting that the smell doesn’t last as long as they would like.

The dog’s fur will also be clean and soft after a bath, occasionally making it easier to pull a brush through.

Critter Comfort Dog Shampoo

Critter Comfort Dog Shampoo

Specifically designed to fight dry, itchy, and help sensitive skin, this shampoo relies on tea tree oil to help soothe any itchy spots.

When used, this shampoo must be diluted with water, a specific ratio is found on the bottle.  Consumers enjoy that it stops any itching that a pup may have, and it encourages healing, but there is no aid to help any odor reduction that your dog may carry with him.

Cloud Star Corporation Buddy Wash

Cloud Star Corporation Buddy Wash

Consumers enjoy this product, especially the lingering scent that hangs off of the dogs after their baths.  However, several consumers are unhappy with the list of ingredients that are on the bottle, having to do deeper research in order to find out that there are synthetic parts in this shampoo.

It does leave fur extremely soft and gentle to the touch, which many people enjoy with their dogs.

You’ve now seen reviews for dog shampoos and can select the one that works best for you and for your pet.  We’re sure that you’ll find the best dog shampoo from the above list for the next bath time that you will have.