Best Digital Point Shoot Cameras in 2020 with Reviews

What’s better than having the best digital camera on the market? We know, with this review page you will be able to pick out one for yourself or someone else knowing you’re getting the perfect deal.

We will provide you with out top pick for the best digital camera under 200 dollars and some others that we believe you will love as well as our top pick. So please read on and enjoy some top 10 reviews.

These are our top 10 choices. Click to see current pricing, pictures and user reviews.

Best Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot ELPH

The number one digital camera would be the Canon PowerShot ELPH. This camera has evrything that you need to do whatever with. It could be a vlog camera or just for taking those awesome pictures you’ve always wanted to take. It’s all you need to be set of your journey in time and capturing everything you thought you never could before.

This is a very light weight camera that is the very original. The old model is very great even though it is the old model because it will do almost everything the new model will do. It has a nice fashionable look to it and very small and easy to handle. The colors are amazing because they are simple but attractive.

The camera has built in wifi so that way you are able to have wireless transfer of your images and video over networking sites. It has an 8x optical zoom and a 28mm wide angle lens. It has smart auto with 32 pedefined photo capture settings for your every need. Along with that awesome feature it is also eco made so that way it has economy power consumption. The battery life will also last for about 190 photos.

This has some good face detection and live view. It could block the wind so that way if you decide to vlog outside you won’t have to worry that much about hearing the wind in the background. This camera is one well designed one and you should consider purchasing it the next time you go shopping.

Digital Camera Reviews

While we believe that our top pick is the best for you and your family we have also added some more picks from you to choose from. We will give you a list of top ten digital cameras under 200 dollars so that way you can feel confident that your getting the best possible one.

W800/S 20MP Digital Camera

W800S 20MP Digital Camera

Manufactured by Sony, this camera is perfect for taking pictures. It comes in two colors which are black and white with some nice shine to them. It has a super sensor HAD CDD so that you can take some beautiful detailed pictures.

The lens has a 5x optical zoom with reduced blur. You can take pictures with SteadyShot so you can have good image stabilization. The ability to capture video fairly well at 720p HD in movie mode. You can finally simplify the menu mode with Easy Mode.

COOLPIX S3600 Digital Camera

COOLPIX S3600 Digital Camera

This is a cute but styled camera made by Nikon. They come in some cool and bright colors which are pink, red, silver, blue, and black.

With an 8x optical zoom and 16x dynamic fine zoom you will always see clear. You can put the camera in 18 scene mode to capture photos quickly and effortlessly.

The HD is great coming in a 720p for videos that have sound so you could bring all of your greatest memories to life. Easily able to auto focus on anything with its Target Finding.

VG-160 14MP Digital Camera

VG-160 14MP Digital Camera

Manufactured by Olympus this camera has some great colors and features. The lens is 14 megapixels and a 5x optical zoom. It has a 3 inch LCD and HD video as well.

You could filter your pictures with the Art Filters option. It comes in 4 different colors which are Black, Orange, Red, and Silver. This may be the old model but it was known to work just as well as the newer model will.

W800/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera

Sony W800B Digital Camera

This is another cool camera that was manufactured by Sony. This is perfect for taking pictures. It comes in two colors which are black and white. It has a sensor HAD CDD so that you can take some great detailed photos.

The lens has a 5x optical zoom with reduced blur. You can take pictures with SteadyShot so you can get image stabilization. The ability to capture video well at 720p HD movie mode. You can simplify the menu mode with Easy Mode as well.

VR-340 16MP Digital Camera

Olympus VR-340 Red Digital Camera

This yet another digital camera provided by Olympus. It comes in some more cooler colors than the first original one did. Those colors include Black, Purple, Red, White, and Silver.

There is a 3 inch LCD screen display and a 10x optical zoom. It has 16 megapixel and HD video as well. You can filter your photos to look amazing with the Art Filter for still photos and also video.

Stylus SZ-16 iHS Digital Camera

Olympus Stylus SZ-16 iHS Digital Camera

This is another camera that was manufactured by Olympus. It is the much older model as well. It can make some great Multi-Motion Movies and have great video quality.

The video quality is HD and is produced with 1080p. It is a super slim 24x with a wide angle optical zoom lens. The LCD screen is 3 inches wide so that way you can have a better view of what you are doing. It also has 16 megapixels.

PowerShot ELPH Digital Camera

PowerShot ELPH Digital Camera

Another greatly designed camera by Canon. It has a 28mm Wide-Angle-Lens and HD quality. It can produce videos and photos at 720p and great color.

It was discontinued by the manufacturer and the fact that is was makes it even more wanted by consumers. It comes in 3 great colors which are Silver, Red, and a light Grey.

The LCD display is 3 inches so you can have the ability to see what you are filming or shooting a lot better. The zoom is 8x optical which will reduce the blur of trying to see some objects with the zoom enabled.

DSCW830/B 20.1 Digital Camera

DSCW830B 20.1 Digital Camera

Yet again we have a Sony made product that made the top ten list. It has a 20.1 megapixel and it also has a 8x zoom. The optical steady shot allows you to have stabilization with 2 way active mode.

The HD video is great because it is 720p MP4 Movie Mode so it is similar to that of the video an iPod or iPhone will capture. Along with those great features it also has some really cool colors as well which include Silver and Black.

WB35F Smart WiFi & NFC Digital Camera

Samsung WB35F 16.2MP

This is one greatly manufactured camera by Samsung. It has some smart technology so that way you could use wifi with it.

You can share your best photos instantly with your friends or your family with the built in wifi with NFC. There are many smart features also include and they are Social media upload, email, photo beam, direct link, mobile link, PC auto-backup, remote view finder and finally all share.

The zoom can go pretty far with the 12x optical zoom. This can also capture some great features and details in your photos.

Now that you have seen the reviews for best digital cameras you should be able to know what you want to get. These would be great to take along with you when you go to get a new camera at the store or if you just want more knowledge on some newer cameras these days.