Best Car Rearview Cameras in 2020 Review

A rearview camera is a worthwhile investment for the added safety and peace of mind it will give you. Knowing where to begin can be tricky with all of the different brands and features available. Some things to consider are mounting types, camera options, the different kinds of screens which are available, and ease of installation. Our reviews of car rearview cameras can help you find the best rearview camera for your needs.

Top 10 Car Rearview Camera Options

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Best Car Rearview Camera

Backup Camera and Monitor Kit

The number one car rearview camera is the Backup Camera and Monitor Kit by Chuanganzhuo. It is a complete kit offered at a reasonable price which will easily meet the needs of most consumers.

This kit is universal, and will work in vehicles even if they are not prewired for a viewing device. The camera mounts at the license plate, using the preexisting holes. Its resolution quality is 420 TV line, and its CMOS image sensor pixels are 648×488. The viewer provides a wide angle, HD image. This item is considered waterproof, grade IP67, but it is not rated for immersion.

The 4.3 inch TFT LCD viewing screen mounts on the dashboard. It turns itself on and displays an image while the car is in reverse, and goes black when it is not. The screen resolution is 480×272 for a nice, sharp image. It is designed to use low power which prevents overheating. The viewing screen is compatible with all signal formats. Two power cables, a video cable, and a user manual round out the kit.

Users say the image quality is nice and clear, and that they were able to install it on extended cabs and trailers by purchasing additional cable. The existing kit is sufficient for average sized cars and trucks. Most were able to install the device on their own within about six hours. It can be installed professionally, as well. All in all, this does everything it’s meant to at a fraction of the price of some systems.

Car Rearview Cameras Reviews

Our top choice is a great model overall, and will suit most drivers’ needs. If you are interested in some other options, here are more car rearview cameras reviews:

E-best Assembly

E-best Car Rearview Camera

This viewing system from E-best is another complete kit. The LED 135 degree lens is a license mounting type that uses CMOS sensors, and has a resolution quality of 420 TV line and 628×586 pixels. The 4.3 inch foldable TFT LCD viewing screen mounts on the dashboard and has a resolution of 480×272.

This waterproof kit includes three cables, tape, and a user manual. It can be used wirelessly with the additional purchase of a wireless transmitter. Users give this unit high marks.

E-best Waterproof Assembly

E-best Waterproof Backup Camera

This is another complete system from E-best. The waterproof lens mounts above the license plate. Its resolution is 420 TV line and its pixels are 628×586. The 4.3 inch TFT LCD HD screen has a resolution of 480×272, and is a rearview mirror type.

The included cords are meant for car installation, so longer vehicles will require an additional cord purchase. This unit doesn’t perform well in bright sunlight. Contrast is 300:1. Customers report that this is a great viewer for night driving.


EC180-19 Car Rear View Camera

The EC180-19 model by Esky is a waterproof LED lens that mounts over the license plate. The HD lens uses CCD sensors, and has an extra wide viewing area. It comes with a DC power cable, an AV cable, and assorted pieces to ensure that the unit will fit your vehicle.

The company provides technical support, and the item comes with a warranty. Consumers state that it is easy to install and the extra pieces ensure a proper fit on their vehicles.


EC135-05 Car Rear View Camera

Another model by Esky, this CMOS license plate mounted unit has 628×586 pixels, and a resolution of 420 TV lines. The lens angle of 170 degrees gives a wide view. Hooking up this waterproof lens to your existing system is simple. A DC power cable and a 19 feet AV cable are included.

Users say they were able to install this item using only the included parts. They also claim that the image quality is excellent, especially at night, and the item truly is waterproof.


Pyle PLCM18BC Rear View Camera

This license mounting lens from Pyle has the unique feature of distance lines in the image to help you gauge the location of objects accurately. Its waterproof IP67 rating is especially high. Its pixels are 656×492, and its resolution is 420 TV line.

It easily connects to your existing camera, or to other devices compatible with its RCA video output. There is a warranty on the parts. Customers say it works well in the dark.


EC170-08 Car Rear View Camera

The EC170-08 is from Esky. This tiny CCD lens weighs 7.2 ounces and is about the size of a ping pong ball. It can be mounted anywhere around the license plate or rear window, but you may need to drill a hole for it. The 170 degree lens angle provides a wide viewing area.

Resolution is 420 TV line and pixels are 628×526. A DC power cable and an AV cable are included. People who’ve used this item say it installs easily and has a nice sharp picture, night or day.


EC170-06 Car Rearview Camera

This tiny CCD model from Esky measures .86 x .65 x .50 inches and weighs 6.4 ounces. Its resolution is 429 TV line and its pixels are 628×586. Its 170 degree lens angle provides a wide image. This unit is completely waterproof, and can be mounted anywhere on the rear of your vehicle.

Users love the quality of this item for its low price, and say it’s truly waterproof. A DC power cable and an AV cable are included.


EC170-07 Car Backup Camera

The EC170-07, again from Esky, measures .90 x .73 x .55 inches. The CCD lens has a 170 degree viewing area, meaning the image area goes nearly straight across.

The pixels are 628×586, the resolution is 420 TV line, and it is totally waterproof. The viewer comes with two cables for hookup.

Consumers report that it’s reliable, inexpensive, and easy to install.

1/4″ Flush Mount

Flush Mount Car Camera

This tiny viewing lens is from Gino. It has a CCD lens with a minimum illumination of .5 lux. Its effective pixels are 728×582, and its resolution is 480 TV line.

It offers a wide view of 170 degrees, and it is waterproof grade IP67 as well. The package includes two cables, and a hole saw for drilling a mounting hole.

You can mount it on the back of your car wherever you can fit it inside, as it does sit flush. This unit is inexpensive, adding to its popularity with users.

Choosing the best car rearview camera can be a frustrating task, but you can choose with confidence now that you have read our car rearview camera reviews.

Here is a more detailed look into some of the featured products

Esky EC135-05 Car Rearview Camera

The Esky EC135-05 is a waterproof HD car rearview camera with 135A° viewing angle and 7 infrared LED for night driving. The package includes a 19-feet AV cable, DC power cable, and the rearview camera itself.

The wide viewing angle is designed to fulfill the demands of backing up and driving forward. The camera has a resolution of 420 TV lines and effective pixels of 628 X 586 / 510 X 496 to provide high-quality image.

The 7 infrared night-vision LED helps you to better perform in dark spaces to ensure safe driving. The whole unit is affordably priced and easy to install.

You can mount the Esky EC135-05 camera to your car’s back window, license plate area, or any suitable place you want. Adjust the camera lens to position and connect the power wire and video output accordingly.

Esky has a friendly and reliable customer service team that attends to customers’ concerns within a 24-hour timeframe. The unit comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, lifetime support guarantee, and 12-month replacement warranty.

Although labeled as waterproof, the EC135-05 rearview camera is not entirely weather-resistant. When it rains, the water can break into the housing and ruin the system.

As light lessens, the picture quality of the camera tends to degrade. The unit does not come with monitor and has several issues with quality control.

For the price, the Esky EC135-05 can be a great entry-level back-up camera. It may not be the best option out there but it certainly will help you enhance your driving experience.


  • Has 135° viewing angle and 7 infrared night-vision LED
  • Affordably priced and easy to install
  • Customer service is friendly and reliable
  • Comes with great warranty options


  • Not entirely weather-resistant; quality control issues
  • Picture quality degrades with less light; does not include a monitor

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Pyle PLCM18BC Rearview Camera

The Pyle PLCM18BC is a rearview back-up camera with 656 X 492 pixels and 0.2 low lux performance. Its dimensions are 10 X 1.3 X 1.26 inches. Preferably, the camera should be mounted above the car’s rear license plate.

This camera has a marine-grade, fog-resistant, and waterproof housing to help you in harsh road and weather conditions. You can pair it with an in-vehicle monitor to increase safety when driving.

The 0.2 Lux improves performance in low light conditions. It helps you maneuver when there is limited visibility. The unit comes with all the necessary wiring and cables for installation.

The Pyle PLCM18BC comes equipped with 420 TV line resolution and true color reproduction. It outputs a vivid picture with distance scale lines that will help you drive more safely and park more conveniently in tight spots.

This rearview camera has a zinc black chrome finish that fits nicely in most cars’ exteriors. It also features dual RCA video output that allows you to connect to other source inputs.

The camera claims to be waterproof but it has poor water-resisting capability. It can easily be filled with moisture when exposed to rain. If the sun is in the same direction as the camera, you will notice it immediately as well.

The video quality is noisy in dark environments. Its fog-resistant quality also tends to fail after a few months of use. The night vision feature is not the best either.

All in all, the Pyle PLCM18BC is an efficient and affordable option for a car rearview camera. It does what it says to do and comes with 1 year limited warranty to cover you in case of malfunctions.


  • Housed in a marine-grade, fog-resistant, and waterproof construction
  • 2 Lux improves performance in low light conditions
  • Equipped with 420 TV line resolution and true color reproduction
  • Features dual RCA video output


  • Poor waterproofing ability
  • Has noisy/grainy video quality

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Chuanganzhuo Backup Camera & Monitor Kit

The Chuanganzhuo Backup Camera is a universal rearview license plate camera that comes with a 4.3-inch LCD rearview monitor. It supports 12V power system and has good durability and high quality.

The unit supports satellite receiver, car DVD, camera, STB, VCD, and any other video equipment. It has HD color CMOS imager and a wide viewing angle to give you a clearer view of your surroundings.

Besides the back-up camera and TFT LCD monitor, the package also includes a video cable (6m/18ft), 2 power cables (1.5m/4.5ft), and a welcome guide. The effective pixels of the camera is 648 X 488.

The monitor starts up automatically and displays the video from the rearview camera synchronously. The monitor has a small design, making it convenient to carry. It also supports multi-role display.

The camera has a decent picture quality and is surprisingly good for its price. The entire unit is easy to install and the camera can be tilted for better positioning. It also has ultra-low power consumption to avoid overheating.

One major drawback of this product is that it does not come with any warranty. It also has weather and water resistance issues. Though advertised as waterproof, the unit is quite prone to condensation especially during the rainy season.

If it’s your first time installing a rearview camera and you’re not familiar with the toolbox yet, you may find that there is a lack of helpful instructions in the guide.

All things considered, the Chuanganzhuo Backup Camera & Monitor Kit can be a great way to spend less without compromising quality and functionality. It comes with the whole package and is well worth the investment.


  • High quality and durable
  • Comes with a 4.3-inch LCD rearview monitor screen
  • Has a wide field of view
  • Has a decent picture quality


  • Does not come with a warranty
  • Weather and water resistance issues; lacks useful instructions

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Esky EC180-19 2-LED Night Vision Rearview Camera

The Esky EC180-19 2-LED is the upgraded version of the Esky EC180-18. It is a waterproof HD CCD car rearview camera with a 180° viewing angle. The box also includes a 19-feet AV cable and a DC power cable.

The camera measures 250 X 24.64 X 20mm and weighs 150g. It has 2 flat-white LED lights to improve visibility and backup image capabilities when driving at night or in low-light environments.

The unit is housed in a waterproof casing to avoid damages. It is easy to install and adjust. It comes in several pieces so you can place it in a way that is specific to your car.

The camera has 180° field of view to minimize blind spots and 45° adjustable lens to fulfill driving demands in any situation. It also has HD picture quality that is decent enough for its price.

Should you have concerns with the product, Esky’s customer support responds within 24 hours. The product comes with 30-day money back guarantee, lifetime support guarantee, and 12-month replacement warranty.

However, Esky EC180-19 2-LED is quite prone to overheating. Once it overheats, it goes on and off every few seconds. Many customers also reported that they received a DOA product.

The camera looks neat but there are issues with clarity. You may also find it almost useless during heavy rains and in extremely dark environments. The waterproof design is poor and it tends to become hazy at night.

Overall, the Esky EC180-19 2-LED can be a good fit for most car types and driving conditions. Besides, it comes with great after-purchase support and warranty options in case something goes wrong.


  • Has wide 180° viewing angle
  • Comes in a waterproof housing
  • Decent picture quality
  • Reliable customer support and multiple warranty options


  • Prone to overheating
  • Issues with clarity and waterproofing

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Esky EC170-08 Rearview Backup Camera

The Esky EC170-08 Rearview Camera comes with a stylish, solid design and polished surface. It has a professionally made exterior and is easy to install, adjust, and operate.

The camera has a viewing range of 170° and a resolution of 420 TV lines. The effective pixels are 628×586 and 510×496 pixels. Included in the box are the camera itself, a DC power cable, and a 19ft AV cable.

The Esky EC170-08 backup camera can be easily mounted to your car’s rear window, license plate area, or any suitable locations on your car. Connect the power wire to the power system and the video output to the display.

The camera delivers a clear image in high-definition color CMOS. It can be the ideal solution to the issue of poor car rearview effect. It is useful even in low light situations.

As with other Esky products, the EC170-08 rearview backup camera also comes with several warranties: lifetime support warranty, 12-month replacement warranty, and 30-day money back guarantee.

However, this product has poor waterproofing qualities. After several months or a year, water or moisture may start getting inside the unit. If you typically use it in the rain or wet conditions, this may occur sooner.

The camera also develops a white fog-like appearance not long after you start using it. This may affect clarity, visibility, and your overall driving experience.

In spite of the few drawbacks, the Esky EC170-08 car rearview camera is a decent product that does its job well enough for its price. Its pros clearly overweigh the minor cons.


  • Has a wide 170-degree viewing angle
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Delivers clear image in HD color CMOS
  • Comes with money back guarantee and warranties


  • Not entirely water- and weather-proof
  • Tends to develop a white fog-like appearance

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