Best Baby Sun Hats in 2020 with Reviews

There is nothing better than dressing your baby up very cute. Well with this guide you will be able to see what types of baby hats are in and which ones are so cute on your baby.

With our top 10 best baby sun hats you will see our top pick and some of our other options that we think you will love. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our top 10 best baby hats.

These are our top 10 choices. Click to see current pricing, pictures and user reviews.

Best Baby Sun Hat

unisex bucket sunhat

The number one baby sun hat would be the i play unisex bucket sunhat with a UPF of 50+. We believe this is number one because of its features and cool colors that you and your baby will love.

This product was made specially for babies by i play. This hat comes in a ton of different colors so that way there is a color for both boys and girls. You can get sharks, rhinos, trucks, etc. The hat itself is 100% polyester as well as being imported. You can machine wash it in case the baby throws it or drops it or even gets it dirty with food.

Since babies have sensitive skin and eyes there has to be special care taken for those little issues so this hat can block the sun for up to 50 UPF +. It has breathable material so that way the head won’t get hot or sweaty in the summer. There is an extra wide brim so that way there is extra protection.

Baby Sun Hats Reviews

While we believe that our pick is the best for you and your baby we have also included some more options below so that way you could have some more items to choose from when you go to the store and by their next sun hat.

I Play Unisex Flap Hat

I Play Unisex Flap Hat

This hat is made so that way your baby is extra protected. It is 100% polyester and is imported material. It is machine washable in case it gets dirty or has a stain on it.

It has special sun protected material so your child won’t burn. There is a baseball hat styled brim for for even more protection. The longer neck flap makes it for great sun protection as well. It is water resistant and has a UPF of 50+ fabric. There is a tie closure under the chin so that way it will keep it from falling off.

Flap Happy Baby Girls Floppy Hat

Flap Happy Baby Girls Hat

This hat was specially made for little girls. It comes in beautiful colors that any girl will love. These colors include white, hot pink, and pink.

It is 100% cotton so that way it is extra soft to the touch and won’t irritate the head. It is hand washable so it makes it easier to clean. This is a floppy hat with a wide brim which features a UPF of 50+. It is also 100% made in the USA.

I Play Baby Toddler Solid Brim Sun Hat

I Play Baby Toddler Sun Hat

This sun hat was made for everyday things along with being made for the beach. There are many different types of colors to choose from, so many that i can’t list them all.

It’s 100% polyester and machine washable. There is a special sun protection built in it so it can keep your baby safe. There is a tie under the chin so it keeps it from falling off. The fabric is light weight so that way it won’t feel like it is even on.

I Play Boys’ Classic Flip Hat

I Play Boys' Classic Flip Hat

This was made for little boys and has cute designs on the hat. There is a design for everyone to love along with great protection. It is 100% polyester and is imported fabric.

Machine washable for easy cleaning if anything was to get on it. The fabric is made with sun protection material with 50+ UPF to keep your baby safe. There is also breathable material so that way your child won’t be sweaty while wearing this cute hat.

I Play Little Girl’s Flap Hat

I Play Little Girl's Flap Hat

Cute and pretty at the same time is what we will call this hat. It comes in a lot of beautiful colors just to name a few there is pink, green, white and red.

It has UPF of 50+ and is 100% polyester. There is a baseball hat shaped brim for extra protection. There is even a longer neck flap for double the protection.

Under the neck strap will help it stay on your baby’s head without falling off. Along with that there is also breathable material so that way it won’t get sweaty wearing it.

I Play Unisex Solid Brim Sun Protection

Unisex Solid Brim Sun Protection Hat

This hat has been made in a lot of colors. There is also so many that it would not be possible to list them all out. There is 100% polyester and it’s imported as well.

The pull on closure makes it easier to put on your baby without the struggle of holding them still for 5 seconds. It is also machine washable so you could clean it easier and faster.

The lightweight material is great for a child’s delicate head and the sun protection material can block the sun for up to 50+ UPF. There is microfiber and wick away lining.

N’Ice Caps Reversible Cotton Hat

N'Ice Caps Reversable Cotton Hat

As the name suggests this hat is 100% cotton. It is hand washable and hand dry but can not be bleached. There is a reversible 2 color and 3 sizes in one hat.

The elastic is adjustable which allows for the 3 different sizes in one. There is a 2 ply cotton with side air holes to keep it ventilated.

There is a top stitched brim with a brass river hole for ties to slide back and forth. The elastic shoe strings are adjustable for older sizes to have snap on ties and younger to have no snaps.

Under The Nile Poplin Sunhat

Under The Nile Poplin Sunhat

This is a soft to the touch baby hat. It is 100% cotton and organic. It is washable by hand or by machine washable which ever one is more suitable for you.

The wide brim is perfect for sun protection. It has been certified to the Global Organic Textile Standards. This has a 50+ UPF to keep your baby’s sensitive skin away from the sun so it won’t burn.

City Threads Unisex Baby Hat

City Threads Unisex Baby Hat

This is one cool hat that even celebrities love. It has been seen on the babies of celebreties because of its cool fashonable style.

It is comfortable because it tis 100% cotton, feels very soft, and is breathable. Very durable and is not used with cheap material. It is safe and made with safe dyes and no harsh chemicals.

The fabric was constructed in China but dried and finished in the USA. Along with that it also comes in many different colors and some include purple, white, bule and light blue.

Now that you have read the above article you should be able to pick out your favorite hat. The next time you decide to go shopping you should bring along this guide in order to feel comfortable knowing you are getting the perfect hat.