Bella Hot Air Popcorn Maker Review

First impressions

I was happy to receive this popcorn maker. This is a rather small and beautiful looking popcorn maker. The red color of the machine ads to the look on my counter top. If not for the function I would like to have this appliance out just for its nostalgic feeling and the color pop.

The packing kept the machine safe. On opening the package I could smell some chemicals – typical of items made in a large factory setting. I let it air out for an hour and it was not smelling anymore.

First batch

For the first round, I added the instructed amount of corn kernels. However, the kernels popped out of the chamber. I was just picking them up from the counter as they were falling.

Second round

Then I realized I could just block the opening with something. I picked up a mitten and covered the opening as it vents out hot air.

Third round

Why stop at two rounds of popcorn when you can make three. This round was flawless. I can say by this time I understood how much kernels to add and how to block the vents. So it can take two to three rounds to get a hang of this.

Taste Test

The popcorns came out crunchy. They were hot and would easily take any flavoring. I tried slated butter and some other home mixed spices and they all tasted delicious.


The popcorn maker makes batches good for 1-2 people. It needs a break in between rounds. So if you plan to make popcorn for a large group in one setting, this may not be the machine for you.

This was much easier than making popcorn in the microwave.

I wouldn’t say this machine is one of the sturdiest ones I have bought to date. So if you plan to buy this use a credit card that provides extended warranty.


A nice little kitchen gadget with a nostalgic charm. Makes popcorn for 1-2 people at a time. Buy it when on sale.